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Kopparberg Now Comes In A Refreshing Cherry Flavour And It Sounds Delicious

Kopparberg Now Comes In A Refreshing Cherry Flavour And It Sounds Delicious

It *almost* feels like summer...

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

If you've managed to succeed at Dry January this year, firstly, well done, and secondly, we have the perfect treat for you to celebrate with.

Kopparberg has just announced a brand new flavour, combining its much-loved apple cider with delicious sweet cherries.

Say hello to Kopparberg Cherry - the exciting new flavour set to arrive in Tesco on Monday 3rd February.

It's available in single, 500ml bottles and also as a 10-pack of 330ml.

Shoppers in Asda will be able to snap it up the following month, on Monday 2nd March, meanwhile the new flavour will arrive in Sainbury's on Sunday 8th March and finally Morrisons at the end of the month, on the 30th.

While the 500ml bottles will be priced at £2.20 each (or three for £5) the packs of 10 will set you back £12.

The new cherry flavour will hit the shelves in February and March (

We can think of *nothing* better than supping on one of these as soon as summer arrives.

"We know drinkers love our original sweet apple cider flavour and we've combined this with a blend of refreshing cherry for those looking for something new," said Rob Salvesen, head of marketing at Kopparberg.

"Kopparberg is famous for flavour and we know Cherry will be a popular new variant for our fans.

"It's the perfect drink to enjoy with family and friends and we look forward to drinkers across the UK enjoying the new variant in the lead up to the summer."

Nothing says summer like a freezing cold Kopparberg (

The cider has an ABV of four per cent and Kopparberg say it's best served over ice.

Cider fans are already getting excited over the news, with one tweeting: "Freezing cold cherry Kopparberg will go down nicely this summer."

Another admitted she could "cry" over the news, tweeting: "If Kopparberg are really releasing a CHERRY cider I am doing to cry with joy."

We might join you!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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