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​You Can Now Do Bunny Yoga And It Sounds Dreamy

​You Can Now Do Bunny Yoga And It Sounds Dreamy

We cannot think of anything more relaxing than practising our moves alongside baby bunnies.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Are you a dedicated yogi looking to take your practice to relaxing new heights? Or perhaps you're in need of some gentle persuasion that yoga really is the workout for you.

Well bunny yoga is here and it will appeal to experienced or aspiring yogis alike, thanks to the cuteness.

Baby rabbits will hop around during your session and while it might be slightly distracting, it's said to alleviate stress. Just think of all that zen you'll feel afterwards.

The Pets Yoga club's classes cost £35 and are always in London. However the precise location of the class will be sent to you seven days before, so you get to practise your downwards dog in a variety of different locations across the capital.

The class aims to combine the relaxation of yoga with the calming influence of baby animals. Cuddling a bunny mid session will no doubt bring anyone inner peace.

It also allows the rabbits to learn to socialise properly with humans.

Just be careful where you place your hands and feet, you don't want to squish any of the cute buns. And because of this extra factor to consider, the class is said to increase body awareness.

There's no cause for concern either about the baby rabbits, because they are sourced from reputable breeders and charities who look after them and they are vet-checked and healthy.

For that reason, you cannot bring along your own animals, so leave your pets at home and bring just your mat ready for a stress-busting workout.

I's not the only unique yoga class the company offers either, as Puppy Yoga and Kitten Yoga is also on the table.

Pets Yoga say on their website that their "long-term goal is to work with charities which could be such an amazing way to connect people with a new furry friend."

Could this get any cuter? We think not.

If you're keen to check out the next available classes, click here.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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