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Firefighter Told Wearing Makeup Doesn't Meet 'Standards'

Firefighter Told Wearing Makeup Doesn't Meet 'Standards'

''I'm sure nail varnish and make up don't affect the way she performs on duty.''

A firefighter has been trolled on social media after posting a photo of herself holding up a Barbie to promote women in the industry.

Emily Rose had posted the snap of the firefighter doll - which wears a protective uniform along with a motto on the box that reads: 'You can be anything' - in a bid to encourage more female firefighters into the force.

But one woman - who is also believed to be a firefighter - took to the post commenting: ''Real female firefighters aren’t allowed to wear make up. Standards please”.

Emily was trolled on Facebook (

Emily - who was wearing pink nail varnish and make up in the photo - had posted the picture on the Amesbury Fire Station Facebook page to urge female firefighters to join Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The post said: ''See, even Barbie can become a firefighter. She’s inspiring and showing the next generation they can be anything. 🚒🧯🔥.''

But the negative comment has received heaps of backlash online, with other firefighters taking to the comments to post official guidelines which state make up and nail varnish can be worn on duty.

The fire service, meanwhile, raced to defend Emily - issuing a statement on their official Facebook page.

It said: “We’re happy to accept all men and women who want to help their local communities whether or not they wear make up and nail varnish – as our policy shows.”

One follower said: ''Real police officers and paramedics wear make up.

''Not exactly going to turn her away when you are in a burning building just because she has make up on.''

Followers were fuming at the comment (

While another added: ''I'm unsure why this woman isn't a real firefighter just because she's wearing make-up.

''I'm sure she's just as capable as a female firefighter who doesn't wear make up.''

Another said: ''I'm sure nail varnish and make up don't affect the way she performs on duty.''

''Real women have got other women's backs and we build them up not tear them down," added a fourth.

Emily's original post explained that just over six per cent of firefighters in Britain are female.

''It's time to change that - could you give up some of your spare time to save lives in your local community?" She wrote.

''Many stations across the county (and beyond) are currently recruiting for paid on-call firefighters, with some struggling to crew due to low numbers....''

''... Only four per cent of firefighters around the world are women — Why not join us as a on-call firefighter just like Barbie’s buddy Emily? 👩‍🚒

''Many on call stations in Dorset and Wiltshire including Amesbury station are currently recruiting for paid on-call firefighters, so if you would like to join our team and start your development journey please follow the link below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️Or message this page to speak with Amesbury station staff.''

Locals were not happy with the comment (

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Andy Cole added: “We welcome the introduction of a Barbie firefighter doll as this highlights our commitment to a diverse workforce.

“Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service proactively encourages anyone in our community to become a firefighter.

''To be an on-call firefighter, the only requirements are that you live or work close to the station, and you can pass the physical and education tests.

“We run regular ‘have a go’ sessions and information events so people can better understand the role and try out some of the tasks we include in our selection process. Details of these events are on our website.”

Emily has not commented but on the Facebook page she said: ''I've inspired two women to sign up this week. Hopefully more join.''

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