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People Are Mocking Balenciaga's £770 'Dad Shoes'

People Are Mocking Balenciaga's £770 'Dad Shoes'

What do you think of these spendy shoes?!

Twitter has been mocking a pair of expensive Balenciaga trainers, comparing them to 'dad shoes'.

The designer brand's latest sneakers are an eye watering $1,050 (£770) but Twitter users have rinsed the shoes, likening them to high street footwear brands.

People are calling the trainers 'dad shoes' (
Jam Press)

Over on the website, the shoes are described as “a one-of-a-kind, handmade vintage look-and-feel".

But Twitter had other ideas, with one mocking the design and claiming it looked just like a high street brand, while another compared them to 'dad shoes'

“Literally wore some shoes for volleyball in high school that looked exactly like these,” one user said.

While another said: "I just looked at a few online stores real quick cause i was curious… a pair of men’s sneakers like the ones pictured costs like $60-70 (£44-51) and these ppl are selling them for $1000???? These are just basic dad shoes."

Balenciaga has issued only 650 pairs of the shoes in the exclusive launch, available in the colours black, white and grey and burgundy.


What do you think?!

In other funny fashion news, earlier this month we told you about the woman who asked for advice over two pairs of identical shoes.

The woman took to social media with a picture of two heels, asking which style users preferred. Except the shoes looked absolutely identical.

"This seems like a ridiculous dilemma but which would you keep?" She asked.

"The only difference is the material but one pair is almost £10 more! I don't know why I'm finding it so difficult."

The woman asked for advice over a pair of identical heels (

We have to admit, the shoes look exactly the same on first glance. And people were struggling to see the difference, with one writing: "They both look the same."

While another said: "£10 difference and they are identical."

And a third added: "I can't see a difference."

You can read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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