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People Can't Get Enough Of This Mum's School Run Outfits

People Can't Get Enough Of This Mum's School Run Outfits

A mum made the school run a lot more colourful and fun by wearing fancy dress costumes of popular characters like Pikachu. This is so cute!

To make the daily school run more colourful and fun, a mum has revealed she spent £1,000 on lavish fancy dress costumes to help her daughter settle into reception class.

Alice Owen sensed her daughter Isabella Kamper, four, was nervous to start school last September as she was the youngest in her year group due to having a birthday in August.

The 23-year-old initially waved off her daughter with the promise of a surprise if she made it through her first week.

Alice wore a unicorn costume at the end of her daughter's first week at school (

She then greeted her beaming little girl days later in a giant inflatable unicorn costume. Who wouldn't want to see a unicorn at the end of a long week at school!

After a brief break during lockdown earlier this year, full-time mum Alice has improved her fancy dress game with even more outlandish outfits, including several iconic characters from popular children's films. She has worn a costume replica of pink-haired troll Poppy from the film Trolls, Toy Story's Mr Potato Head and Pokemon's Pikachu.

The mum-of-two from from Hornsea, East Riding of Yorkshire said that dressing up every fortnight has helped her 'find meaning' in her life again.

Alice dressed up as Pikachu (

"I'm usually the first one at the gates and the children are all chanting away, waiting for me to come with my music and have a boogie with them for a few minutes before their parents have to rush them off," she said.

"I usually bring a carrier bag of lollies that my daughter shares out to the children so that it's a little something for the weekend from each character they see.

"I've got a unicorn outfit, a big dinosaur, a clown doing a handstand, an eagle, Pikachu, a skin-tight Spiderman suit and a Trolls mascot shipped from America.

"The Trolls mascot cost a few hundred pounds, I took this from my savings because I thought the children would love it.

Alice has spent £1,000 on costumes (

"My daughter is proud as punch, she absolutely loves it. It's always a surprise for her to see what I'm dressed in every other Friday.

"It's not just made the kids happy - it's made me find a purpose."

Alice has worn more than 11 different outfits since she started in September last year and has no plans to stop any time soon.

After struggling with post-natal depression following the birth of her son, Thomas, now two, Alice claims she feels 'alive' again after putting a smile on all the children's faces.

Alice said: "I suffered badly with postnatal depression after my last baby and I lost a lot of confidence.

Alice said dressing up in fancy dress costumes makes her feel like herself again (

"I was struggling from having my son, I took him to playgrounds then I shut myself away because he was a difficult baby. He'd scream every time we sat down.

"Seeing all the children happy, it gave me my confidence back and made me feel a lot better about myself.

"Sometimes you question 'what am I here for?' or 'what's my purpose in life'? I always do think that.

"Since wearing these costumes I feel alive, back to the Alice I once was."

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