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Dental Patients In Stitches After Hilarious Sign Fail

Dental Patients In Stitches After Hilarious Sign Fail

The dental surgery made a hilarious faux pas on its window sign.

A dental surgery has caused quite a stir after a new sign printed on its window included a rather awkward mistake.

Heronsgate Dental Care in Thamesmeade had sent rather detailed instructions to the company creating the sign.

However, they took them rather too literally, and ended up printing them out and sticking them on the practice's window.

Uh oh.

The sign, which takes pride of place on the front of the southeast London dentist’s window, lists all that is on offer at the practice.

It states: “NHS/ private, emergency treatment, new patients welcome, home visits for the elderly and disabled; cosmetic dentistry, tooth jewellery.”

Then, it says: “Something about new innovations.”

The practice's window sign clearly hadn't been double checked (
Triangle News & Media)


The list then returns to normal, continuing: “Nervous and anxious patients welcome; sundries, late nights available by appointment, disabled access.”

It appears bosses of the surgery in Plumstead, south-east London had commissioned the sign, but forgotten to elaborate on how innovative they were, instead sending off their copy before making the final tweak.

It's safe to say the window display caused a stir on social media, with one person joking: “So, what would you like me to put on your window? Oh, I dunno, something about new innovations.”

Hornsgate Dental Practice in Thamesmeade  (
Triangle News)

While another said: “This has made my morning!”

“That was an unfilled cavity," teased a fellow social media user.

Another pointed out: “That’ll really encourage the nervous and anxious patients.”

Talking of signs that didn't quite go to plan, did you hear about Costa's NSFW drive-through?

The sign appeared to read 'd*ck me up' (

In summer of this year, someone someone couldn't help but notice the lettering on the Lostock Gralam, Northwich based coffee shop exterior looked a little ruder than intended.

One customer pointed out the sign appeared to read d 'd*ck me up' instead of 'pick me up'.

"I do love a bit of d*ck but not if it's going to Costa me," joked one person in response.

Nothing like a messed up sign to turn us all into comedians, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News