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​A Retirement Home For Cats And Dogs Has Opened In The US

​A Retirement Home For Cats And Dogs Has Opened In The US

A US animal sanctury is giving older animals a second chance to find their forever homes.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

In today's heartwarming news instalment, a retirement home for cats and dogs has opened in the States so that older pets can live out their senior years in complete bliss.

The Woodstock Illinois centre, called Young at Heart, houses canines and kitties over the age of seven who are looking for a "second chance at a loving home".

Young at Heart

Enforcing how important it is to give elder animals a home, the website reads: "These animals had once been loved, cherished, and part of a family- until one day they were no longer wanted. Often, an older dog or cat sits patiently in a shelter, awaiting a soft voice, a kind hand, or even a friendly glance.

"They sit and wait, often scared, often depressed, and almost always overlooked by potential adopters.

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Young At Heart

"Passed by for younger dogs and cats, these pets are often just what an adopter is looking for - quiet, calm, housebroken, good with kids, affectionate and easily acclimated to a new home. Yet, they sit and wait for someone to love them, until many times, it is too late."


The brand new facility was born solely out of donations and funds raised by the public, and took several years of campaigning and planning to open.

Everything about the shelter is suited to the senior pets, with heated floors, natural light and ample outdoor space for them to play around.

The organisation is largely volunteer-based, and operates with a small team staff and a large batch of animal loving helpers.

Young at Heart

While it offers a home and care for the animals, it ultimately wants the pets to be adopted into a loving family.

Dogs are available to adopt for $200 (£163) while cats are available for $100 (£82).

Take a look at all the cuties currently looking for a home.

And that's not all - if you're over 65 and looking for an elder pet companion, they offer a special 50 per cent discount.

Young At Heart

"We receive no federal or state funding, and rely solely on the generosity of pet-lovers like you, fundraisers, and grants to support our mission and our rescued animals," the shelter said.

And it sounds like the grand launch of the shelter was a success, with employees at Young at Heart speaking to CBS in Chicago and gushing about how excited they are to volunteer.

We're tempted to jump on a plane, tbh.

Featured Image Credit: Young at Heart

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