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Adorable Litter Of Piglets Wrapped In Blankets To Keep Warm

Adorable Litter Of Piglets Wrapped In Blankets To Keep Warm

Cuteness overload.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

In a snap which is sure to warm the cockles, these little piggies were spotted cosying up in quilts after being saved from the slaughter on their very first Christmas.

The brilliant pictures show the cute little litter of festive hogs literally wrapped in blankets just weeks after being born,

And just look at them. They couldn't be happier.

They're real life pigs in blankets (

The animals were born and currently reside at Temple Newsam Park Farm in Leeds, which is renowned for having some of the country's oldest and rarest breeds of farm animals.

And pig lovers can breathe a sigh of relief as the rare Tamworth breed piglets will be sold for breeding rather than for their meat, meaning that this Christmas won't be their last.

The little piglets wrapped up warm (

Dave Bradley, who has worked at Temple Newsam for 40 years, said the past winter has been one of the most difficult of his career due to the relentless wet weather.

He said: "All this wet weather is a problem to every farmer. It's been the worst and wettest weather I've known, and I've been farming all my life.

"We've had to bring all the animals inside which makes it really tight for room. You will see very few cattle about in the fields now."

The piglets are not being sold for meat (

Piglets such as the farm's most recent litter are born throughout the year, but Dave said there will be more animals born in the run-up to spring.

Lambing begins at the end of winter, usually from the end of January onwards, while calves aren't born until the end of the spring and through the summer.

Dave, 69, said: "We have around a hundred sheep to lamb, which are all rare breeds.

Dave reared the pigs on his farm (

"The sheep are ready to lamb from January onwards. There are 84 cattle from the five herds to calf.

"In terms of pigs, we carry about ten sows on to breed. All the females go into shows and sales - we don't rear them for meat."

Temple Newsam Farm is one of the largest rare breed centres in Europe, and is open to the public all year round.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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