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Your Dog Can Now Go On Its Very Own Spa Day They So Badly Deserve

Your Dog Can Now Go On Its Very Own Spa Day They So Badly Deserve

The ultimate dog-friendly retreat.

Unity Blott

Unity Blott

If you're suffering from back-to-work blues (and who isn't tbh?) what better way to treat yourself than a day of pampering with your pooch?

A trip to the spa traditionally means leaving your fur baby at home, however one hotel has come through with what can only be described as the ultimate retreat.

Billed as the 'pawfect' getaway, the four-star Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa in Derbyshire is offering pets 'a world of indulgence and revitalisation' with its newly-launched Pet Sitting Service.

How does it work, you ask?On arrival, your pup will be collected from the hotel reception and chauffeured to their in-house pet sitter's home, set against a stunning rural backdrop, while you take advantage of the spa facilities.

Pets will enjoy the benefit of a full day of exercise, and throughout the day you will be able to relax and enjoy the updates of your dog's activity via your mobile.

Your dog will enjoy a day of pampering (
Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa)

There are a range of packages available, all of which must be pre-booked in advance. There's the Garden Secret Spa Pooch package (£25), the Garden Secret Spa waggy tails package (from £35 to £65) and the Garden Secret Spa VIP Package (costing up to £75).

The prices also include a goodie bag as well as a complimentary doggy bandana (naturally). The most pampered VIP pooches will receive a 'beauty' treatment (brushing out unwanted hair), a lavish shampoo massage bubble bath to soothe and relax muscles, and a conditioning rinse treatment.

VIP pooches will enjoy a massaging bubble bath (
Ringwood Hotel & Spa)

In addition, they'll enjoy a relaxing pet pedicure (including a paw soak and nail trim, naturally), an ear cleanse, deep paw moisturising balm and fragrance cologne finish.

If you're not lucky enough to have a furry friend in tow, you'll be pleased to hear increasing amounts of hotels are now offering guests the chance to adopt a pup for the duration of your break.

For example, Home 2 Suites in South Mississippi is allowing guests to foster a dog from the shelter which they have in their lobby, and the pooch will then be allowed to join them in their bedroom.

Did someone say dream holiday?

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