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 The American Rescue Dog Show Is The Cutest Thing Ever

The American Rescue Dog Show Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Categories include 'Best Couch Potato' and 'Best In Wiggle Butt'.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Is there anything more heart-warming than the tale of a rescue animal who has come through hardship and neglect to lead a full and happy life?

Not in our book. Animal rescue centres are vital resources, saving thousands of pets by offering vital primary care services all year round - and that work should be celebrated.

Well, good news, because America's rescue doggies are being championed in the American Rescue Dog Show, and the internet is rightfully obsessed.

The categories are adorable - think 'Best Couch Potato', 'Best In Wiggle Butt' and 'Best In Underbite' - and will be assessed by a panel of celebrity judges.

The show's categories include 'Best Couch Potato' and 'Best Underbite' (
Hallmark Channel)

Hosted by Rebecca Romijn and Rich Eisen, the show aims to shine a bright spotlight on all the gorgeous, affectionate rescue dogs out there, and help them find a loving home in the process.

Each plucky dog will have his or her story told, encouraging people to adopt dogs rather than buy them from pet shops and breeders.

The show format also breaks away from traditional categories of fancy breeds, instead focusing on the doggy's unique skills and personalities.

The show shines a spotlight on all the adorable, loving rescue dogs out there (
Hallmark Channel)

Move over pampered French poodles, common mutts and mongrels are the stars of this all-inclusive show.

There are 10 hilarious categories in total:

  • Best Couch Potato
  • Best In Wiggle Butt
  • Best In Fetching
  • Best In Listening
  • Best In Snoring
  • Best In Senior Dog
  • Best In Special Needs
  • Best In Talking
  • Best In Underbite
  • Best In Kissing
Babka was thrilled to scoop 'Best in Wiggle Butt' in 2019, winning $5,000 for Aussie Rescue San Diego and Friends (
Hallmark Channel)

Judges will select the 10 dogs who performed best across all categories and they will go through to the final.

The winning doggo will scoop the prestigious title of 'Best In Rescue'.

Pooch and carer will take home a whopping $75,000 donated by The Petco Foundation, which supports Animal Rescue Centres across America.

The First-Ever American Rescue Dog Show will air in the US on Hallmark Channel on February 19th.

The encourages people to adopt dogs rather than buy them from pet shops and breeders. (
Hallmark Channel)

We'd love see a rescue dog show of the same scale happen in the UK.

But for now, here comes a new generation of American rescue dog influencers.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Facebook/Hallmark Channel

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