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​Family Builds Incredible Under-The-Stairs Hideout For Their Pooch

​Family Builds Incredible Under-The-Stairs Hideout For Their Pooch

Harry Potter eat your heart out!

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

From learning a new skill, repainting your interiors to getting creative, quite a few of us have been trying out new things during this time of lockdown.

But one man in America has gone one step further than the rest of us and built his dogs an under-the-stairs hideaway.

To beat the boredom that we've all been experiencing during the quarantine, US Air Force Airmen Sonny Doby, from Charleston, South Carolina, decided to build his dogs a secret hideout so they too could have a place they could retreat to in these strange times.

The two lucky dogs, three year old Maverick and nine month old Olly, now have a place they can call their own, where their owners can't reach them - and it's decked out to perfection too. So sweet!

Owner Sonny Doby built a secret dog hideaway for his pooches (

Now, the stylish space - an indoor kennel in what used to be the under-the-stairs cupboard - is decked out with everything a dog might need.

The word 'Woof' adorns the white picket gate entranceway of this cute miniature house, while there's also a street lamp, mini letterbox and false window - complete with window plants - outside.

Inside, Maverick and Olly have their own beds, a dedicated area for eating plus a puppy pad in case of any accidents.

Artwork bearing the word 'Woof' hangs above the door and there's a letterbox and street lamp outside (

Not only that but these cute pups also have access to all the cuddly toys they might need and the new place is even kitted out with spot lighting, shelving and a houseplant. When can we move in?

Owner Sonny Doby, aged 33, built the new space in about a week but says it was all worth it when he saw how happy it made his furry friends. Aww!

We can't get over how incredible this dog's house is. It's certainly a far cry from an ordinary kennel.

It's a dog's life, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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