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​Woman Creates Adorable Nativity Scene With Her Dogs

​Woman Creates Adorable Nativity Scene With Her Dogs

Is this fur real?

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

A kennel worker has spent three days creating the pawfect Christmas Nativity pose with six patient pooches and it's bringing us all the holiday cheer.

Emma Ashenhurst, 30, spent almost three months planning the Christmas scene before persuading her two pups and her four friends' pets to pose for the fabulous photos.

The 30-year-old dog lover, from Belfast, spent three days attempting to get all the shots she wanted from the six well-behaved mutts - a Pomeranian, two Jack Russells, a Labrador, a Lurcher and a German Pointer.

She first managed to dress them up in towels after strewing straw across her living room for the puptastic Nativity photo. Mary and Joseph eat your heart out.

Emma spent months planning the shoot (
Emma's house was left in a state (

Pomeranian, Little, 12, peeked over the top of the scene as Angel Gabriel, while Jack Russell cross, Bert, five, was a wise man, German Pointer Amber, Labrador Raven and Lurcher Blue were all shepherds and Jack Russell, Phoebe, two, stole the show as baby Jesus in a Moses basket.

The pets were encouraged to sit still, look at the camera and jump up when necessary with the help of heaps of biscuits and post-it notes covered in peanut butter.

The scene with the pooch acting as the star behind, she persuaded the dog to jump using treats, but then added the backdrop after using effects (
"I just let them do their thing and hoped we'd get something by chance.

"I just had to try and make them sit still for 30 seconds but that's easier said than done.

"My house is pretty much destroyed now; I'm still finding straw."

In other years, Emma has re-produced famous film scenes, such as from 'Love Actually' (
This scene from 'The Grinch' was turned into a Christmas card too (

Emma has been creating dog themed nativity cards for the past seven years, sending them out to customers and locals in her area.

Previous themes include The Grinch, which produced hilarious results and Love Actually which was seriously sweet, with one pooch holding a sign up that read "to me you are perfect". Stop it.

Emma said clients now look forward to the annual scenes throughout the year.

Another year saw Emma create an Elf on the Shelf-themed card (
This card of the dogs 'decorating' the tree must have been well-received (

"We start in September and usually get it together in time for Christmas," she added.

"My dogs, Bert and Little, are used to it now, because I use them every year. Lots of biscuits and cuddles are needed."

She must be barking mad to spend so much time on it, but the sweet snaps just show anything is paws-ibble when you put your mind to it.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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