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Adorable Albino Hedgehog Finds Its Forever Home

Adorable Albino Hedgehog Finds Its Forever Home

The cute hedgehog Sonic is now safe and sound.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

A rare albino hedgehog who was found roaming in a garden has now found a safe forever home, and the footage is just as adorable as you'd expect.

Sonic, who is unusual because of his white spines and red eyes, was found in California and rescued by Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

The adorable spiky critter was handed over to the department because it is firstly illegal to have a hedgehog as a pet in the state of California and secondly, because it is difficult for albino hedgehogs to survive in the wild.

Whether this little guy was wild or a pet is unknown, but our hunch is he's used to humans given how friendly he is in the video - he certainly doesn't seem shy.

Riverside County Animal Services

However if he is wild, he would probably not last long due to having no chance of camouflage thanks to his white instead of brown appearance. He would have had to have rolled around in a lot of mud to hide those bristles!

While animal services took him in originally, Sonic has now found his forever home at MeoowzResQ, a rescue home that is licensed to care for exotic pets, despite predominantly taking in cats.

After being collected, the Riverside County Department of Animals posted a video on its Facebook page of the little guy, with the caption: "Nic - short for Sonic - has left the building."

Riverside County Animal Services

It's no wonder places want to care for these cute mammals - the adorable video has made us want a hedgehog now.

Sonic is no ordinary hedgehog though, as according to Live Science, only one in 100,000 are "born with the recessive gene that means they have no melanin pigment in their skin, eyes and spikes."

He's an extra special guy and we're just glad he's now in safe hands and out of harm's way.Featured Image Credit: Riverside County Animal Services

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