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Man Surprises Wife With Romantic Tattoo But Gets Important Detail Horribly Wrong

Man Surprises Wife With Romantic Tattoo But Gets Important Detail Horribly Wrong

Rookie error.

We’re suckers for a big romantic gesture, and one man was keen to show his wife how much he loved her with the ultimate anniversary present.

However, he made one crucial error when getting his gift…which did sort of take the edge off things.

TikTok star Ashley Carlevato, who regularly posts videos of her dogs and life with her husband, revealed the pair decided to get matching tattoos to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

While Ashley got her beau’s initial tattooed on her ring finger, he opted to get their 1,1,19' – the date of their wedding anniversary for Jan 1, 2019, written in Roman numerals.

Ashley showed off her delicate inking (
TikTok - murphyandmay)

However, things clearly didn’t go to plan, with the poor guy instead being left with 11,919 instead.

Joking about the tattoo faux pas, Ashley quipped: “I knew I should have Googled it for him!”

The video has since been watched over two million times, with people in hysterics over the error.

Taking to the comments, one person shared their fears of making the same mistake.

“I want to tattoo our [anniversary] date in Roman numerals but I’m terrified of this happening!” they said, adding cry-laughing emojis.

Her hubby was meant to get Roman numerals of the date on his arm (

Another was similarly cautious, writing: “I got my daughter’s birthdate in Roman numerals and I checked a million times before to make sure it was correct.”

And a third person admitted their husband made a similar error.

“My husband was supposed to get our wedding date tattooed (2, 23, 19), turned out he actually got 2, 33, 19,” they laughed.

Others warned to warn people considering a couples tattoo that it’s not the brightest idea for a number of reasons.

However, he made a vital error (
TikTok - murphyandmay)

“You never, ever do that in a relationship,” wrote one person. “It’s only a curse if you believe in it too much.”

“Divorced a year later,” sniped another cynical viewer, while a third said: “Don’t ever get matching tattoos with your S/O. I know too many people who have matching who are either no longer together or they argue or fight all the time.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - murphyandmay

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