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Shoppers Stunned As Store Sells Christmas Trees In September

Shoppers Stunned As Store Sells Christmas Trees In September

'Santa is not ready'...

We'll admit, summer has been a bit non-existent this year. The heatwave lasted all but a few days and half of our plans were cancelled because of the pandemic.

But while we're soon-to-be entering the first days of autumn - as dictated by the fact that pumpkin spice lattes are back on sale in Starbucks - we refuse to accept that anybody is currently preparing for Christmas.

We mean, surely not... right?! Thanks to lockdowns and a big dose of rubbish weather, it feels like the last festive period was only yesterday!

That's why shoppers couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Christmas trees for sale in Worcester, a whopping 115 days ahead of the big day.

Yep, that's Christmas trees on sale in August (
Triangle News)

We're all for getting ahead on the festive cheer, but this is just excessive...

The fake festive firs were put on display in homeware store, The Range, on Tuesday. Discombobulated shopper, Dave Harford, spotted them being unveiled in the branch in Worcester, Worcs.

The 42-year-old, form the city, said: “Oh come on, it’s only just b****y September.”

And it didn't take long for fellow locals to express their disapproval, too.


One fellow resident fumed: “No, just NO NO NO.”

While another joked: “Santa is not ready.”

Others were slightly more open to the idea of starting Christmas early, because of the pandemic.

Someone said: “We all need the joy of Christmas as early as possible.”

As another quipped: “We’ll be back in lockdown again.

“Get ‘em while you can.”


The Range want customers to be able to prepare (
Triangle News)

A spokesperson for The Range said: “We know that thinking about Christmas early is one of those polarising subjects in the UK.

“But the recent bad weather looks to have really created a shift in peoples’ shopping habits this year.”

The Range - which has 180 stores nationwide selling home, garden and leisure products - is also selling Christmas stock online.

The spokesperson added: "Our online team are reporting consumer demand for Christmas items already and website searches reveal that people are wanting to shop earlier this year.

"After a turbulent year, friends and family are planning to gather to celebrate in a big way and the planning is starting early."

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News

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