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People Are Sharing Their Weirdest Christmas Traditions

People Are Sharing Their Weirdest Christmas Traditions

We all have our own unique take on the festive season…

Christmas is just around the corner, and many of us are getting ready for the big day in all the usual ways – booking our festive food, decorating our trees and decking the halls (with boughs of holly and tinsel).

However, as well as all these mainstream holiday traditions, each family that chooses to celebrate Christmas a little differently, with their own traditions and quirks we stick to every year no matter how weird they are.

We asked Tyla readers about their own festive rituals they do with their family, and you guys did not disappoint.

Christmas is special for every family (

One person responded about how they have an additional visitor to Santa to drop gifts off.

“We have Mr Nod,” they wrote. “Come Christmas night, we have Mr. Nod who is one of Santa’s elves, brings another bag of presents for the children.

“Legend has it that many, many years ago, one of our great-grandparents helped [an elf] out on Christmas Eve when Santa and the elves were struggling. This is a thank you from them. No-one sees him, just a knock on the door and low and behold, a bag of presents.”

Another person explains how their family wish merry Christmas to everything (and we mean everything) on the big day.

One family sings happy birthday to Jesus (

“We sing to the pudding!” one person joked. “Light it, then bring it to the family singing, ‘We wish you a merry Christmas.’

A third person explained how their children, no matter how old they get, are never too grown-up for early morning cuddles.

“All my kids, now aged 20 and two 16 year olds, climb into our standard double bed on Christmas morning with cuddles along with the dog!” she said.

“It used to be a way to get a few extra minutes sleep when they were little and waking us up at silly o’clock!”

And another wrote: “My dad still to this day dress up as Santa to wake the ‘kids’ – I’m 31 with two kids myself.

Others sing to the Christmas pud (

“Then we all dress up as Santa and elves, and we walk the dogs around the forest with bacon and sausage rolls and champagne!”

A fifth person chipped in that their mother wants to make Jesus feel special, considering it is his big day, after all.

“My mother would bake a birthday cake for Jesus and make us sing happy birthday!” they laughed.

We love these unique festive traditions! Keep them coming this Christmas.

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