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Mum Left Mind-Blown By TikTok Baby Sleeping Hack

Mum Left Mind-Blown By TikTok Baby Sleeping Hack

It all makes sense!

A mum-of-four has shared the incredible tip she learned on TikTok about the sleeping patterns of newborn babies.

Lots of new mums might say that being accustomed to their baby’s sleeping style is one of the most challenging parts of becoming a new parent.

However, Chrissy Horton, who runs the lifestyle blog Horton Lane, has now found a useful hack thanks to the video sharing app – and she wishes she knew it sooner.

Watch the video below:

"Please tell me I'm not the only parent who just discovered this about sleeping and newborns,” she says at the start of the video while holding her baby.

"I am on my fourth kid, MY FOURTH KID, and I just learned this about sleeping and it would have saved me so much if I'd known about it earlier."

Chrissy Horton shared the tip on TikTok (
HortonLane/ TikTok)

Chrissy discovered from another TikTok account called Taking Cara Babies that there are actually two types of sleep for newborn babies – active and quiet.

During quiet sleep a baby is still and does not move around.

When a baby is experiencing active sleep, they may appear restless or fidgety and some parents may feel tempted to pick them up and soothe them back to more “peaceful” sleep but you may not have to do this.

The Sleep Foundation says this is completely normal for newborns and once a baby reaches around three months of age, they begin to experience the same sleeping stages as adults.

Many TikTok users were happy that they stumbled on the video. One woman replied: “I’m not a mom yet, so I didn’t know this but I’m glad I do now for when I do end up having kids.”

An expectant mum shared: “I’m due [in] a few weeks and your tips have helped me prepare more than you know thank you.”

Newborn babies have two types of sleeping (

Another mum joked: “So you’re telling me… that when I wake up at 1 am to them wiggling… it’s active sleep?”

While one other mum also recently found out about the hack just like Chrissy. “What??!!I’m on my 5th and I just discovered this because of you.”

There were also stories in the comments section about how mums found out about the different sleeping patterns. “I said this by just watching my baby because at first I was picking her up every time she would be active sleep,” wrote one mum.

You learn something new on TikTok every day.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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