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Prince Harry And Ed Sheeran Have Released A Hilarious Video Making Fun Of Their Hair

Prince Harry And Ed Sheeran Have Released A Hilarious Video Making Fun Of Their Hair

Sharing the video on Sussex Royal’s Instagram page on Thursday (10th October), the Brit-award winner is seen meeting Prince Harry.

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

The Duke of Sussex and Ed Sheeran have joined forces for World Mental Health in a new video on Instagram - although it appears the British singer had a very different agenda for the meeting.

Sharing the video on Sussex Royal's Instagram page on Thursday (10th October), the Brit-award winner is seen entering Ivy Cottage (Princess Eugenie's home) to talk to Prince Harry - what he believes to be about the discrimination against gingers.

However, the meeting is in fact to discuss mental health and the importance of talking to people when in need, a message Tyla can get behind.

At the beginning of the clip, Ed chats to the camera as he gets his beard trimmed and says: "I'm excited today, I'm going to film a thing with Prince Harry.

"He contacted me about doing a charity video with him which is going to be good, because I've long admired him - from afar. Guess I'll see you there!"

Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry meet in the clip.
Sussex Royal / Instagram

Excited to meet Prince Harry, Ed is next scene ringing the door bell, which hilariously plays God Save The Queen.

After greeting him at the door, the pair sit down to discuss mental health - well at least Prince Harry does.

Prince Harry says to Ed: "For me it's just a subject and a conversation which is just not talked about enough, I think people all over the world are really suffering."

However, it's at this point Ed's misunderstanding about the reason behind Harry's call becomes clear as he goes on a rib-tickling rant about the struggles of people with red hair.

Ed was seen getting his beard trimmed at the beginning of the clip.
Sussex Royal / Instagram

The hitmaker begins: "People just don't understand what it's like for people like us, with the jokes and the snide comments, I just feel like it's time that we stood up and said 'we're not going to take this anymore, we are ginger' and we're going to fight."

Despite Ed's passion about the injustices ginger-haired folk face, Prince Harry awkwardly explains that the meeting is about World Mental Health Day and that's it OK not to feel OK.

Hilariously, the camera then pans to Ed deleting the words "Gingers Reunite" from his Powerpoint presentation.

Prince Harry opens the door to Ed.
Sussex Royal / Instagram

Reiterating their message about mental health, the Sussex Royal Instagram captioned the video: "It's World Mental Health Day!

"Both Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran want to ensure that not just today but every day, you look after yourself, your friends and those around you.

"There's no need to suffer in silence - share how you're feeling, ask how someone is doing and listen for the answer. Be willing to ask for help when you need it and know that we are all in this together. #WMHD."

If you're experiencing distressing thoughts and feelings, call Samaritans for free on 116 123 - or write down your thoughts in an email to [email protected].

Featured Image Credit: Sussex Royal/Instagram

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