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Behind The Scenes Of Dani Dyer's New Intense Workout Regime

Behind The Scenes Of Dani Dyer's New Intense Workout Regime

Dani Dyer's personal trainer has taken to Instagram to show the unedited truth of her workouts and they're so relatable.

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

Let's be honest, we can all relate to Dani Dyer in some way, and we can probably relate to her even more now that we have seen the videos of her with her personal trainer.

When we go to the gym we usually moan a lot and walk out gasping for breath and wiping our head with a towel, which is nothing like those celebrity gym pictures you find on Instagram.

However, we have finally found a celebrity we can relate to, as Dani has recently started training with Personal Trainer Malwina, and they have both been sharing videos of her being put through her paces.

However, instead of putting on a brave face for the camera, Dani happily lets her followers know how much it hurts and how she just wants the session to be over with- we feel you.

Despite moaning through the videos it seems like she is enjoying every minute (if that's possible) because in true Dani fashion she still manages to keep smiling.

The Love Island star isn't afraid to break a sweat either and actually let her followers see how hard she has been working, and everyone's noticed how 'savage' Dani's routine is.

"You've done amazing! I would of passed out by now lol," said one admirer.

Another praised: "I can't even do one burpee without looking like I'm gonna die and here you are doing this so effortlessly, damn sisss."

Each video is full of eye rolls and Dani declaring how much she hates it and we honestly love them.

Can we please just point out though how encouraging Malwina is though, we wish we had someone asking for our sexy face in the gym.

Her personal trainer, posted a video of Dani in the gym, with a caption telling the reality star to rest before her session the next day and teasing that she 'loves it really'.

Dani of course had the perfect response, telling them:"I do love it when it's over."

Dani's followers have been praising the star for showing the realities of a personal training session.

One user wrote: "Dani you give me inspo to join a gym again! Get you [sic]!"

Another added: "Looks like Dani has a great trainer here! Hard to come by. Good effort girl [sic]!"

A third user praised Dani for the realistic videos. They wrote: "These are the realest training videos I've seen. Like the struggle is seen on your face and it shows that it is hard but you can pull through it with the right amount of motivation and dedication."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@malwina_pt_tqr

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