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Burger King Employees All Quit In Very Public Way

Burger King Employees All Quit In Very Public Way

The staff spelt out 'WE ALL QUIT' on the billboard outside.

Ever wanted to quit your job in the most dramatic way, by storming out the building or sending an angry email to all of your team?

Well, a set of Burger King employees did one better, publicly flaunting their resignation by getting their pal to change the billboard outside their restaurant to read 'WE ALL QUIT'.

General manager Rachael Flores, 25, said her team were sick of alleged poor working conditions and mistreatment.

So the day before her notice period came to an end, she changed the illuminated roadside lettering sign to read: "WE ALL QUIT. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE."

The burger joint's billboard tendered the staff's resignation (Credit:SWNS)
The burger joint's billboard tendered the staff's resignation (Credit:SWNS)

You have to admire the ballsiness...

Despite her intention to leave, Rachael was fired for the stunt - but said it was worth it in order to send a message from her and eight other staff who left in the days before and in the immediate aftermath.

Rachael, who had worked at the fast food joint in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, since August last year, said: "I knew where the letters were and me and another employee put the sign up before we opened Saturday morning.

"I woke up the next day and was so happy I didn't have to go to that place. It was a huge relief.

Rachael was fired shortly afterwards (

"It was exhausting being there everyday. I finally have energy for my kids - they've been happy and so have I."

The ex-manager claimed temperatures in the kitchen got above 90°F (32°C) and she ended up in hospital from dehydration.

She also alleges there were pest control and staffing issues - and she felt ignored by higher ups.

She said: "My boss was upset because I missed a manager meeting and when I told my boss what was going on he told me I was making excuses, being a baby and I just needed to do my job and hung up on me.

"There was a pretty bad mouse and ant problem that I had been asking higher ups to help fix, we needed to change pest control companies and no one would listen.

The staff were unhappy with their working conditions (

"They didn't care about how understaffed I was, everyone was being ran ragged.

"I felt like I couldn't help my employees anymore and couldn't stand for the way me and the employees were being treated so I put in my notice."

She handed in her notice last month and put up the sign on Saturday. She said eight colleagues left in that time, with a couple more quitting after, leaving just a few workers behind.

The sign stayed up for a few hours before a senior manager came down removed it, and fired Rachael.

Well, that's one way to leave in a blaze of glory!

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