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Bride Asks For Advice After Wedding Guest Takes Bride's Bouquet And Wedding Items Home

Bride Asks For Advice After Wedding Guest Takes Bride's Bouquet And Wedding Items Home

The guest took home both her and her bridesmaids' bouquets, wedding favours and a centrepiece.

A bride has asked for advice after revealing one of her wedding guests took her bouquet, her bridesmaids' bouquets - as well as 30 wedding favours - home with her after the reception.

A screengrab of the bride's post was shared on Reddit, with the original poster asking: "Who does this? Is it a compulsion? Jealousy? Floral addiction? Why take even one item that doesn’t belong to you? What are you needing those flowers for? I have so many questions."

The bride asked for advice online (

The bride's post read: "So I married the love of my life Friday. Everything went perfectly! Except one little issue and I am curious about all your thoughts on it.

"My brother and his wife are separated but I still invited her because my nephew was a ring bearer and I know she wanted to be there.

"Anyhow... at the end of the night, she helped herself to a centrepiece, about 30 favours, four bridesmaid bouquets and the vases they were sitting in. AND MY BOUQUET!! Which had a memorial charm with my mum's photo on it.

"I didn't find out for sure until the next day. I gave her that whole day to speak up on it. Nothing. Finally I confronted her on it yesterday. When I asked her why she replied: 'I didn't mean to hurt you. I just thought they were nice.'

"Is it just me or is this a COMPLETE WTF?! Moment?"

The guest took the centrepieces home (

We are so in shock by this! And other Reddit users were too, with one commenting: "Taking the Bride’s Bouquet is the real WTF. Like the other stuff is rude but not unheard of but seriously who takes that?!"

While another said: "I was hoping there would be a twist at the end - the bouquets were taken because they were being dried or framed and given back as a gift."

And a third added: "Pretty normal at least in my experience that at very end of night, when whoever’s left is leaving, to take the centerpiece from your own table. Bouquets? Never."

They also took 30 favours (

What do you think?!

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