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Hilarious Moment Baby Pees On Priest During Baptism

Hilarious Moment Baby Pees On Priest During Baptism

The baby was just sprinkling back.

You know what they say: never work with children or animals – but unfortunately, if you’re a priest, you have to work with kids when performing baptisms.

And one priest man got a little more than what he bargained for when he was blessing one little one, who was seemingly keen to ‘bless’ the priest back (kind of).

Watch the video below.

Demetri Lymberatos, 35, from New York, US, was filming his seven-month-old son Jonathan’s baptism - when the sweet clip took an unexpected turn. Just as an official at the Greek church holds Jonathan up next to the holy water, the tot starts to urinate – with the pee squirting upwards and almost catching the priest.

Demetri and his wife Melina both collapsed into fits of laughter, while onlookers giggled at the display.

Baby Jonathan suddenly decided to relieve himself (
Jam Press)

Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go…

“Baby Jonathan literally p***ed on the priest,” Demetri joked.

“Everyone laughed because the scene was surreal – like a mini exorcist episode.

“I had to stay still and couldn’t even do anything because in my palm we had the holy oil and water.”

The proud parents couldn't help but laugh (
Jam Press)

Naturally, a scene this hilarious was destined to go viral, quickly racking up 13,000 likes and leaving viewers in hysterics.

One person joked: “Priest: ‘Who’s baptising who, here?’”

“You sprinkle me, I’m gonna sprinkle you,” another user added.

Someone else quipped: “Baby was just baptising back.”

Other viewers shared their own similar tales.

Luckily, Jonathan's antics were laughed off (
Jam Press)

One person said: “I was speaking when I got baptised, so when they went to submerge me I said, ‘but mommy I already had a bath’.”

“My daughter did that at her baptism! Hahaha it didn’t spray obvs but yep, she peed all over my sister-in-law. Gotta love the orthodox baptisms,” another person commented. 

Well, let’s just say Jonathan’s baptism is a ceremony we won’t forget in a hurry…and neither will the priest.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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