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Woman Poos In Amazon Delivery Box To Teach Stranger A Lesson

Woman Poos In Amazon Delivery Box To Teach Stranger A Lesson

A mum decided to take action against a local neighbourhood thief who was caught stealing their Amazon packages.

A woman got revenge on a sneaky neighbourhood 'thief' who stole her Amazon packages from her doorstep by leaving a very unpleasant surprise.

TikTok user Destiny Marin - who posts with the username @desticle - recounted her mum discovering who was responsible for the Amazon packages going missing.

Watch the whole saga below:

Destiny, from Brooklyn, New York City, describes how the family found out who was behind their Amazon packages going missing.

The footage was caught by their property's ring camera and shows a man walking to the front of their house and snatching their package.

“So this is the first time we catch him," Destiny explains in the video. "He pulls up with his own bag, he takes our package and and just walks off with his dogs like it’s nothing.”

Later that day, Destiny’s mum is out shopping and recognises the man from the video because he is still with his dogs. Her mum shouts "Amazon package thief!" at the man and he allegedly tries to hide.

The man returns to their house and takes another package with his dogs. 

Destiny described the ordeal on TikTok (

Her mum’s response was to take a ‘number two’ inside an Amazon box, wrap it as if it was a brand new package, and leave it on their doorstep in the hope that that the man will once again snatch it. 

Luckily, Destiny’s mum sent a message to the family’s group chat informing them that the box was a decoy and should not be collected from outside.

But in a strange twist, another Amazon package thief picks up the poo box left for the first thief!

TikTok users were loving the mum’s idea and most people agreed the Amazon package thief deserved it. 

The package contained poo (

“Normally would never say this, but I really hope he comes back,” wrote one commenter.

“The longer he takes the steamier it’ll be,” a second person theorised.

While a third TikTok account quipped: “She actually took a dump, I’m crying.”

And a fourth person shared: “Oomgggg YOUR MOM IS THE BEST.”

Other TikTok users shared similar accounts of their packages being taken from their doorsteps. “I love in NYC too and my packages always get stolen I don’t even online shop anymore,” said another response. “I wish your mom the best she deserves the world.”

While other TikTok users had more sinister ideas for revenge. “Next time she sees him in public she should take one of his dogs.”

How about we leave the innocent dogs out of it!

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