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AIRE Ancient Baths London: New Underground Roman Bath Inspired Spa Is Now Open

AIRE Ancient Baths London: New Underground Roman Bath Inspired Spa Is Now Open

Where do we sign up?!

We have all heard the phrase 'when in Rome.." but what if you could get a taste of Rome right here in the UK?

The good people of TikTok have been raving about a hidden underground paradise filled with Roman inspired baths - and lets just say we're already mentally planning our trip.

Located underneath the hustle and bustle of London’s Covent Garden is the hidden oasis filled with Roman inspired baths and ancient bathing traditions. 

When in Rome (
AIRE Ancient Baths London)

One recent visitor shared a video showing the idyllic architecture and calming atmosphere in real time. Speaking via voiceover, @petit.blondine said: “You go underneath a historic building and find loads of different thermal pools including cold ‘Frigidariums’, a 40 degree ‘Caldarium’, a ‘bath of a thousand jets’, and a salt bath you can float in.”

This sounds like paradise!

She then went on to describe some of the activities you can do in the spa: “You can also drink red wine and everything smells like orange blossom.”

The AIRE Ancient Baths website has a list of all the incredible massages, wine bath and rituals available for customers to try.

The Roman inspired baths are located underneath Covent Garden in London (
AIRE Ancient Baths London)

From massaging ranging between 30 minutes to 180 minutes, couples retreats and a Himalayan salt ritual, there truly is something for everyone. 

The 18th century building on 2-3 Robert Street also happens to be the former home of novelist and playwright J.M. Barrie, who authored the quintessential children’s tale Peter Pan. 

One excited woman shared: “Been so curious about this, thanks for the inside look!”

A second person wrote: “This looks amazing!”

Another TikTok commenter said: “Omg! I wanna be there now.”

There lots of experiences for both singletons and couples (
AIRE Ancient Baths London)

While some commenters compared the Roman baths to a particular Keanu Reeves film.

“That’s literally the pools from John Wick,” said one TikTok user.

Similarly, one other man said: “This looks like John Wick LOOOL”.

Prices start from £90 for access to the baths. You can see the full list of experiences here.

Featured Image Credit: AIRE Ancient Baths London

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