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Your Hair Could Actually Be Hungover From Last Night Too - Here's How To Fix It

Your Hair Could Actually Be Hungover From Last Night Too - Here's How To Fix It

We KNEW it.

Unity Blott

Unity Blott

We've all been there: your head's pounding, your mouth is dry, and to make matters worse, last night's bouncy blow dry has morphed into a pile of mangled hay.

If this is you, we regret to inform you that you're not the only one suffering from the effects of one too many espresso martinis; in other words, your hair is hungover too.

The good news is, while too much partying can leave your tresses brittle and damaged, there are steps you can take to restore it to its former glory.

Tyla asked Tina Farey, editorial director at Rush Hair, for her tips to keep your hair looking fresh on those days when you feel anything but.

Try water with wine

"It's not just our bodies that become dehydrated when we drink too much; your hair and scalp can also suffer in the same way.

"This can lead to your hair feeling dry, lacklustre and much more prone to breakage. Water also plays a key role in the health of your hair follicles so dehydration can lead to dry scalp and even the dreaded dandruff.

"Ensuring you're drinking water in-between your glasses of wine will not only help with the hangover but also the condition of your hair - as well as keeping your skin in check too

Your hair could be suffering the effects of last night's booze-up (
"My advice is to fill up a bottle of water and place it on your bedside table before a night out, leaving no excuse for you not to hydrate before bed and first thing again in the morning.

"If you're really suffering from dryness, try using a nourishing shampoo and conditioner and treat yourself with regular in-salon treatments too."

Make simple snack switches

"We often crave sugar and carbs after a night out, but try reaching for some alternative snacks to top you up with all the right beauty-boosting nutrients to keep the hair hangover at bay.

"Zinc and folic acid is key to keeping hair thick and strong, but drinking too much alcohol strips us of these vitamins and minerals which can lead to your hair becoming weak.

"To add these back into your diet why not replace the bacon sandwich and coffee with tasty eggs on wholemeal toast, or bananas and oats with a glass of orange juice. Your hair, and body, will thank you later."

There are steps you can take to restore your hair if it's dry and brittle (

Step away from the stylers

"If you're never without a busy social calendar, it offers more opportunities than ever to experiment with new looks and dress up for a special occasion. But weeks of using heated tools to perfect those perfect beachy waves can come at a cost for the health of your hair.

"Take a break from the dryer and let your hair dry naturally every so often - this is the perfect time to embrace plaiting wet hair and sleeping in them overnight for an alternative crimped-wave method! If your schedule doesn't allow, use a cooler setting and hold the nozzle further away from your head to reduce the damage, and always use a quality heat protection spray."

Cleansing is key

"While these tips are fantastic for factoring into your long term beauty plans, we understand that sometimes you need a quick fix to ensure you look as fantastic as you did the night before - look no further than your humble shower.

"Parties can subject your hair to lots of pollutants. From the styling spray at home to the city air when walking to your venue, it can all build up to an unpleasant cocktail of smells lingering on your hair the next day.

You might want to consider an intensive treatment to restore moisture in your hair (

"To avoid the scent of a brewery and ensure you feel fresh, there's no better instant remedy than jumping in the shower and washing away all of last night's sins - or you can pop in as soon as you get home and before you head to bed, if you have the energy!

"The day after a particularly glam night out, give your hair a deep cleanse to remove any product and dirt build up, and invest in a quality masque to replenish the moisture. At Rush, we offer a Kerastase Fusio-Scrub to really strip out any unwanted product and re-set the health of your hair."

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