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Woman Reveals How You Can Claim A Free Shark Hoover

Woman Reveals How You Can Claim A Free Shark Hoover

A woman from Kent managed to snag a free Shark hoover, worth hundreds of pounds, with a simple trick.

Most of us don’t think about hoovers that often, destined to use the terrible Henry hoover that comes with the overpriced and rundown flat you just rented miles away from civilisation. 

But, for one woman in Kent, thinking about a hoover meant that she was able to get a high-end hoover for free. 

Sharon Cheeswright, from Snodland, Kent, managed to get a Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vaccuum without paying a penny, and here’s how you can do it too.

Cheeswright emailed Shark to ask if they offered product testing and wanted new reviewers, and just a few weeks later, she received a Shark hoover in the mail.

Speaking to, Cheeswright said, “I saw the Shark hoovers advertised on TV before and thought they looked really good. I’d had my Henry hoover for years so I thought I would email them to see if they offered product testing and if they wanted new reviewers.”

Cheeswright didn’t hear back for a while and thought that maybe getting a hoover to review was not going to be possible but then she got the news she was hoping for.

"Four weeks later, I got an email asking me if I was still interested in trying a product. All they wanted me to do was write two reviews of the hoover,” Cheeswright explained. 

Cheeswright became a product tester. (
Sharon Cheeswright)

Shark didn’t charge Cheeswright anything for this product, and even had it delivered by DHL courier services. 

She said she has been “very happy” with the hoover and is “the best thing” she’s ever had for free. 

Cheeswright encouraged others to try to get freebies from companies by offering to test out the products, as companies will often say yes. She said, “I would recommend that everyone tries it – it’s only one form to fill out, and you won’t know until you try!”

She has now moved on to Philips and Home Tester Club for product testing, and gave her advice for the best way to a free product: “If chosen to leave a product review, be honest and give a really in-depth review. Just keep looking and don’t give up.”

Deepak Tailor, founder of, said: “Product testing is one of the best ways to get high-value items to try out and review – companies are always looking for people to give honest feedback on their products of take advantage of this and get what you can.”

Featured Image Credit: Sharon Cheeswright

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