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People Are Loving This Living Room Before And After Man's Girlfriend Moved In

People Are Loving This Living Room Before And After Man's Girlfriend Moved In

'Now that's a glow up.'

We've seen some home decor transformations in our time, but very few come close to what we're about to show you.

You know what they say about a woman's touch? Well, nobody has proven this is more of a thing than one Reddit user, who flaunted the before and after pictures of her husband's living room once she'd move into his place.

Yep, user @mimimeme2 wrote: "This is how my husband's living room used to look like before moving in. And this is how it looks like now after I decorated the entire place."

And the results say it all. Take a look for yourself:

The glow up is unbelievable (
Reddit/ @mimimeme2)

In the 'before' images, you can see a visibly worn out cream painted living room, with old curtains that look like they'd been hung by her husband's nan, or the old woman that lived in the house before him.

An outdated beaded chandelier light hung from the ceiling, and there were tacky white leather sofas and fake flowers dotted around and nearby the window sill.

Meanwhile, 'after' images show the flat had a fresh lick of white paint, gorgeous leafy greens everywhere and trendy new white bookshelves and rattan baskets, lampshades and candle holders to modernise the space.

The little touches modernised the space (
Reddit/ @mimimeme2)

The curtains had been replaced by thin, white drapes and there was also a new white blind.

On the wall, there was also some macrame mirrors in various sizes, and a brand new plump, grey sofa sat in the living room, too, alongside a rattan chair.

We have to give a shout out to all the gorgeous real flowers, as well, which sat alongside several bouquets of dried flowers and pampas leaves - replacing the quite frankly frightful old selection.

Girl, all we can say is you did good.

Reacting to the images, people on Reddit had some *thoughts*.

People on Reddit had a lot of praise for the wife (

"Oh honey he needed Jesus and you delivered," one person joked.

As another concurred: "Wow, great job! So much more homely and modern".

"Words cannot even express the Rollercoaster ride of emotions that was for me. It was just getting worse and worse until suddenly- beautiful," said a third.

As a fourth agreed: "Now that’s a glow up."

Too right. Someone give this lady an interior designing gig, ASAP.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/ @mimimeme2

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