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How To Win At Monopoly Every Time

How To Win At Monopoly Every Time

Save this one for after Christmas dinner.

What better way to liven up Christmas Day than with a game of Monopoly? Especially a game you're guaranteed to win!

According to mathematician Hannah Fry, there is a foolproof way to win Monopoly - you just need to know which properties to invest in.

We've studied Hannah's findings and broken down the details (you're welcome) so you know exactly where to place your properties during your next game of Monopoly.

Get studying!

It turns out there are some foolproof ways to win Monopoly. (

In her rather aptly-named book The Indisputable Science of Santa Claus, Hannah shows her findings that are guaranteed to frustrate your family.

She also walked Monopoly competitors through her process while speaking to fellow mathematician Matt Parker.

"The key to winning at Monopoly is realising that not all sets are created equal. There are some squares that are much more likely to be landed on than others," she explained.

Thankfully, after what honestly sounds like some tedious work, Hannah has already figured out which squares are the most and least-visited on the board.

According to Hannah's calculations, Jail is the most-visited square on the board.

After that, it's Trafalgar Square, while Park Lane comes in last place.


But it doesn't end there - oh, if only it were that simple.

Having worked out the probability of getting from any square on the board to any other square on the board, Hannah calculated the cost of landing on each property and how much you can expect to earn each time your competitor rolls the dice.

According to those calculations, Park Lane suddenly becomes a worthwhile property, but Mayfair is the clear winner.

Unfortunately, that still isn't how we win. Don't worry, we're almost there.

Hannah Fry)

As per the rules of Monopoly, you can't just invest in one individual property on the board. You will eventually have to buy its full set.

For example: Regent Street, Oxford Street, and Bond Street are all green, while Park Lane and Mayfair are navy blue.

Even though Mayfair appears to be the best investment on the board, Park Lane drags it down, taking far too many rolls to earn any money from the property.

For that reason, Hannah recommends avoiding the navy blue set at all costs.

Hannah Fry)

In the end, Hannah found that the best property set to invest in eventually comes down to how many rolls your opponents take in a game, or how many opponents you have.

So without further adieu, here are the end results you've been waiting for:

  • If you're playing against one other opponent, go for the light blue or orange sets - they offer the biggest pay-off early on.
  • For two to three opponents, then the orange or red sets are the way to go.
  • And finally, for any games with more than three opponents, then Hannah says to go for green all the way.

While the navy blue and yellow sets clearly offer the best payout in the long run, they're not worth your money unless you're playing a particularly long game.

Now, go forth and absolutely crush your friends and relatives. Merry Christmas!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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