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Sofa Brand Snug TV Advert Banned For 'Explicit' Content

Sofa Brand Snug TV Advert Banned For 'Explicit' Content

Do you think it's a bit much?

Sofa brand Snug has launched its newest sofa: The Small Biggie, a slim frame set up designed to fit in the most awkward of spaces. But it’s making news as the advert showing off the new piece of furniture has been banned for its ‘explicit’ content.

Check out the advert below:

As you can see from the clip, we are very up close and personal with these lovebirds and their sofa antics. But should it really be banned or is it just a bit gross?

The advert has caused quite the stir, with social media platforms Instagram and LinkedIn banning the advert for its explicitness and the ‘clean’ version on YouTube already reaching over 200k views.

Snug’s latest campaign is the first-ever sofa advert to be banned in an unprecedented move.

The advert is Snug's latest campaign launching The Small Biggie (

The Snug site introduces visitors to the Small Biggie collection: “Welcome to the notoriously comfortable Small Biggie collection. This slim and modern design is perfect for adding that contemporary vibe to your home.

“With chunky pillows to sink into, relaxing has never felt so good. Made to be fully modular, your sofa can grow with you as you can build a sofa to any shape and size. Want to transform a 3 seater into a small corner sofa? No problem. Want to turn it into a large U shaped sofa? We’ve got you.

The advert sees a couple passionately making out (

“Slot each piece together as your lounging needs grow, or your human (and pet) count expands. These modular sofas can be assembled in minutes without any tools. Your sofa will be as easy on the eye as it is to live with.”

Well, who would have thought a sofa advert would cause everyone to get so flustered?

Featured Image Credit: Snug

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