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People Are Losing It At This Family's Oversized Christmas Tree

People Are Losing It At This Family's Oversized Christmas Tree

Talk about decking the halls!

People are obsessed with this family's ridiculously oversized Christmas tree, and have been sharing their own extraordinary variations.

Dr Anna Hughes (@AnnaGHughes) went viral this week when she shared a photo of her parents' living room - or what was left of it after they set up their tree.

The tree took up almost half of the room, and was so tall that it was forced to bend over after hitting the ceiling. Thankfully - and bizarrely - the family had enough decorations to cover the entire tree!

Sharing the monstrous evergreen to Twitter, Anna wrote: "Absolutely losing it at my parents' Christmas tree."

The Christmas tree was so tall that it hit the ceiling. (
Twitter/ @AnnaGHughes)

Anna's followers were in awe of her family's tree, which now has more than 19k retweets and 270k likes on Twitter.

One user asked: "Can I guess: your mom was slightly annoyed, but your dad was absurdly proud of himself."

Confirming his suspicions, Anna replied with a gif that simply read: "Yup."

Others couldn't get past the sheer size of the Christmas tree.

One tweeted: "It’s just a big pile of nature"

Another joked: "That tree is going to eat someone"

Many noted that the tree resembled one particular Star Wars character.

"This is the Jabba the Hutt of Christmas Trees", one user wrote.

People think the Christmas tree resembles Jabba The Hutt. (

“That thing gets any bigger it’s going to demand we bring it solo and the wookie,” tweeted another.

Some followers were more concerned with how anyone managed to get a tree that large though their front doors.

"Would have loved watching them fit it through the door!" read one tweet.

"How did they even manage to get that b*tch inside the house?" asked another.


Other Twitter users were inspired by Anna's photo and decided to share their own outrageous Christmas trees, from towering pines to more minimalist shrubs.

One user shared her own enormous Christmas tree, joking: "It must be fat tree year."

Another user revealed that his parents were going for a "less is more" vibe in their house, posting a photo of the tiniest little sapling.


That has to be the teeniest - but cutest - Christmas tree we've ever seen!

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@AnnaGHughes

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