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People Left Confused By Woman's Picture Of An 'Egg Chair'

People Left Confused By Woman's Picture Of An 'Egg Chair'

This isn't the human-sized egg chair you're used to. Oh, no. This is a chair that is *literally* for eggs.

You don't have to be an interiors expert to know that Ibiza-style egg chairs are all the rage at the moment - they're for sale everywhere from the chicest boutiques to Aldi's special buys range.

But we're here to tell you that the egg chair craze has officially gone too far.

That's because you can now buy an egg chair for.... your eggs.

No, we're really not joking.

Catherine shared her egg chair purchase (
Facebook/ B&M Bargains and more)

One woman shared her £12.99 egg chair purchase on Facebook, and naturally, people were confused.

Many bargain hunters were wondering how she bought a piece of furniture for under £15. But, then it dawned on them, the chair wasn't for humans, or even animals.

Honestly, those lucky eggs are sitting in the lap of luxury before they're cracked and fried...

Shopper Catherine wrote on Facebook group, B&M Bargains And More: "After scouring every shop for this I finally found it today from Homesense (kitchenware) in Leeds for £12.99."

And her post soon racked up almost 3,000 'likes' and a tonne of comments from confused - and later bemused - group members.

The shopper shared her find (

Referencing the plug sockets next to the mini egg chair, which towered above it in comparison, one person wrote: "I wondered why the sockets were so big.

"Didn't realise it was an egg holder I thought it was a chair, had to look twice."


While another concurred: "Thought they were giant plug sockets then. Like a scene from The Borrowers".


A third wrote: "Oh how funny I thought it was a swing chair in a nice room".


"Omg I thought it was an egg chair in the living room until I saw the plugs... wow I need a coffee," quipped someone else.


While we kind of love the commitment to Ibiza-glam, we think that buying a rattan chair for your eggs might be a little bit too far. But, hey, whatever scrambles your eggs...

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/ Facebook: B&M bargains and more

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