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Stunning Disney-Style Fairytale Castle With Drawbridge And Moat Now On Sale

Stunning Disney-Style Fairytale Castle With Drawbridge And Moat Now On Sale

Time to rule in your own castle?

If you secretly still want to grow up to be a real-life princess, then the dream could come true as this castle is straight out of a Disney fairytale and is now available to buy.

Hidden in the woods of Michigan in the US, this castle has five storeys and a whopping 26 bedrooms.

It also has enviable extra details such as a moat, drawbridge and even a dungeon.

Want to live out your dreams of living in a castle? (
Kennedy News and Media)

Despite having viewing after viewing, the listing on Zillow still has yet to find a new monarch to rule over it.

In this $2.3 million (£1.7 million) castle, you'll have a huge entrance hall to welcome guests into and a master bedroom that even has a four-poster bed and balcony to recreate your Rapunzel fantasies.

There's also a 50ft-tall spiral staircase hidden in the walls that connects the roof terrace to a secret cave with a Tudor-style bar and wine cellar inside.

The master bedroom includes a four-poster bed and a balcony (
Kennedy News and Media)

James LeBlanc built the castle as a promised engagement gift to his then-wife Vera LeBlanc as he couldn't afford a ring, finally completing it in 1991, 22 years after his promise in 1991.

Realtor Mike Kuligowski specialises in selling unique homes, initially thought that the most recent owner told him he was 'selling a castle'.

Mike said: "It's the perfect opportunity to live like a king or queen. It's for someone who just has to have a castle because they dreamed of it as a kid.

There's also a secret cave hidden in the depths of the castle (
Kennedy News and Media)

"I was blown away by it. When my client told me he had a castle to sell, I thought 'yeah, right', because a lot of people talk like they've got a castle.

"It's pretty over-the-top. It feels very much like a castle when you're in it. It's a very elaborate and custom-style home. The master bedroom is incredible.

"When I drove up and saw the working portcullis and the 763lbs front door, I realised he wasn't joking and it really was a castle. It's the sort of thing you dream of as a kid."

Imagine the entrance you'd be making all the time by crossing your onw drawbridge on the daily (
Kennedy News and Media)

Mike continued: "It's designed and built to host people. So it’s for someone who likes the experience of having people over and wanting to give them an experience.

"I've worked on some unique properties but not one as unique as this."

The six-acre property has had plenty of interest from people wishing to turn it into a quirky AirBnB or wedding venue, but this isn't allowed in the gated community where the castle is situated so will need a committed resident.

Could that be you?

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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