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These Dirty Bedroom Habits Cause The Most Break-Ups

These Dirty Bedroom Habits Cause The Most Break-Ups

Tbh, some of these are nasty.

When you get the ick with someone, everything they do can start to annoy you. But a recent survey has revealed to us what bedroom habits we find the most frustrating as well as how they can contribute to a break-up.

Bed Guru surveyed 1,000 people in the UK about the bedroom pet peeves they have as well as what they're guilty of doing themselves.

When it came to what annoyed people the most, the overall winner was eating in bed (too right, don't you hate it when you find crumbs under the duvet?!) while other unclean habits like not washing bedding regularly and leaving clothes on the floor also infuriated people.

Eating in bed was the top bedroom pet peeve in the survey (

Here's the full list of bedroom habits and the percentage of people surveyed who would consider these a personal pet peeve:

  • Eating food in bed - 40.61%
  • Leaving clothes on the floor - 38.08%
  • Snoring - 35.76%
  • Not making the bed - 35.15%
  • Duvet hogging - 26.26%
  • Leaving the bedroom light on at night - 25.45%
  • Not closing wardrobes or drawers properly - 24.34%
  • Passing wind in the bed - 18.38%
  • Not washing bedding regularly - 16.46%
  • Setting too many wake up alarms - 13.43%
  • Playing on the phone at bedtime - 13.13%
  • Twitching whilst asleep - 12.02%
Duvet hogging was another annoying habit for many of the respondents (

However, what is also super interesting is the fact that 83.3 per cent of divorced respondents complained about their partner’s (or ex-partner’s) messy bedroom habits.

With the bedroom being the main space you intimately share with your partner, having tensions over one another's habits can lead to interrupted domestic bliss and contribute to arguments and eventually, break-ups.

Carl Walsh, resident sleep expert and owner of Bed Guru explains that: "The bedroom should be a harmonious and calming place, and if there are clothes on the floor or crumbs in the bed, you will feel distracted, which can cause your mind to feel overwhelmed, and it could impact your sleep.

Is there something that your partner does in bed that annoys you? (

"This could lead to a strained relationship with your partner, as sleep deprivation can be a number one cause of mood swings, and mood swings can often make your irritated with the people closest to you".

So, maybe it's finally time to listen to your partner and stop hogging the duvet.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Kampus Productions

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