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TikTok User Issues Stark Warning After Lip Filler Goes Wrong


TikTok User Issues Stark Warning After Lip Filler Goes Wrong

A woman has warned against getting lip fillers without being fully aware of the risks.

Speaking on TikTok, Gem Wilson told people her horror story in the hopes that they might consider the dangers of the procedure, and urges people to think twice about who administers their fillers.

"So I went and got lip filler for the first time. This is a sign to re-think and look into the potential risks," she said.

While she says went to an NHS medically trained nurse for the procedure, she told followers that things didn't go to plan, and hinted that the woman in question had not fulfilled her duty of care.


"She couldn't continue after one injection and sent me home," she said.

Sharing a picture of her purple, swollen lip, she added: "She said it was severe bruising and it will go down.


"But my parents rung 111 for advice. They sent an ambulance and said I needed emergency care."

It then turned out she had a vascular occlusion, which is when blood is no longer able to pass through a blood vessel. If left untreated, this condition can result in tissue death and skin necrosis - a condition that can lead to serious diseases like skin cancer in worst case scenarios.

Vascular occlusion is a known complication of lip fillers, although it is incredibly rare.

Gem shared a picture of her swollen lip online (Credit: TikTok/ @Gem_Wilson)
Gem shared a picture of her swollen lip online (Credit: TikTok/ @Gem_Wilson)

"I had three paramedics and two nurses," Gem says, as she discussed her hospital admission within the TikTok, sharing a picture of herself hooked up to a machine.

She then told viewers: "It's seriously not worth it."

Gem then showed her lip, which is still purple and bruised, telling followers: "This is what I'm left with now".

Reacting in the comments, some people said that it was Gem's practitioner who was at fault.

Gem shared what she's left with now (Credit: TikTok/ @Gem_Wilson)
Gem shared what she's left with now (Credit: TikTok/ @Gem_Wilson)

"This can happen with any practitioner, but the difference is an experienced one can spot and advise what to do," one person wrote. "She shouldn't have left you like that."

While another penned: "This should have been dissolved straight away by your practitioner".

Others thanked her for exposing the issue, and warning that it can occur.


"This video needs way more attention, girls need to learn the risk of fillers etc, it's so dangerous," said a third.

As a fourth concurred: "Thank you so much for raising awareness of this. It's more common than people think and should be spoken about more."

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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Joanna Freedman
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