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Woman Swears By Porridge To Clear Up Eczema

Woman Swears By Porridge To Clear Up Eczema

Kasey Axall was at her wits end trying to find a treatment to soothe her two-year-old daughter's eczema, until she tried porridge oats.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

A mother whose daughter was suffering with severe eczema had tried just about everything to soothe her little girl's pain with no luck - until she looked in her kitchen cupboard.

Two-year-old Grace Axall had suffered with "aggressive" eczema her whole life which would leave "huge patches" all over her body. Her mother Kasey Axall, 22, had tried just about every treatment in the book.

Grace Axall has suffered with eczema flare-ups since she was a baby (
Kasey Axall)

At her wits end, the Leeds-based mum decided to look online and an usual treatment for chicken pox came up: porridge oats.

Similar to eczema in that they are both itchy, Kasey thought it couldn't hurt to give it a try on Grace - and she was astounded but the results.

Kasey had tried every treatment possible for her daughter (
Kasey Axall)

"I've tried so many treatments with her," Kasey tells Tyla.

"She's been prescribed creams which don't work, she has had steroid creams, e45, oil based creams, diprobase, I've also tried coconut oil on her, the Childs Farm cream and the Dream Cream from Lush.

"They both helped so many other people so I hoped they'd work for her!"

Grace's eczema before the treatment (
Kasey Axall)

But all that changed when Kasey came across and article online.

"I was reading online about home remedies, and the porridge treatment popped up for chicken pox. Obviously chicken pox are extremely itchy so thought I'd give it a shot on her eczema. I've tried everything else!"

Following the instructions online, Kasey found a pair of tights, cut the sock ends off, filled it with some supermarket-bought oats, tied the top with a knot, and popped it in Grace's warm bath.

Kasey shared how to prepare an oatmeal bath online (
Kasey Axall)

Kasey was delighted to see that soaking in the oats liquid seemed to calm, soothe and soften little Grace's skin.

Sharing the tip on Facebook, the mum praised the treatment for eczema, saying "I 1000% recommend it if you're at your wits end like I was!!"

She adds that "Grace loves to play with it, she squeezes it on too her eczema and and runs it onto her eczema also, she thinks it's a game."

Since used the treatment, Grace's skin has calmed down dramatically (
Kasey Axall)

Kasey's post has since been shared and commented on hundreds of times.

While the NHS hasn't recommended oats as a treatment for eczema, alternative practitioners recommend it because of the anti-inflammatory properties found in the kernels.

Grace's skin has drastically improved since having the porridge baths (
Kasey Axall)

And there's some science to back it up, too. A study from 2012 found colloidal oatmeal can soothe the itching and irritation caused by eczema.

It also found oatmeal can help maintain skin surface pH.

And a lot of the anecdotal evidence seems to point the wonders of oats, too. Under Kasey's post, several commenters had agreed the treatment works for eczema and chicken pox alike.

"100% this works wonders my cousin used to have it really bad even in her hair as well and it really works," said one.

Kasey says Grace loves to soak in the bath with the porridge (
Kasey Axall)

"I did this when my boys had chicken pox. It's really good," shared another.

"This is also great for chicken pox! Really soothes the itching and calms the redness," said a third.

Sometimes the natural remedies really are the best.

Featured Image Credit: Kasey Axall

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