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​Woman's Psoriasis Dramatically Clears Up After Switching Diet

​Woman's Psoriasis Dramatically Clears Up After Switching Diet

Georgia feels her change in diet was the answer to clearing up her condition.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

An air hostess who was mistaken for a burns victim due to her severe psoriasis, now has dramatically clearer skin after changing her diet.

25-year-old Georgia Robinson's confidence was left in tatters after developing the red flaky rash from head-to-toe, even quitting her job because of her low confidence levels.

But now, since ditching red meat and dairy, her skin seems to have miraculously cleared up.

Georgia from Birmingham, West Midlands developed psoriasis just three years ago, which simply started as "tiny dots' on her elbow that were "barely noticeable" but within months, she was covered in bright red marks.

Whilst facing her own insecurities, she found the condition brought out the worst in other people - she faced rude comments and stares on a daily basis

She said: "My hands and legs were always the worst and it looked like red strawberries had been thrown at me and left stains."

Before she changed her diet, Georgia had red marks all over her body. (
After ditching red meat and dairy her psoriasis seemed to clear up. (

"It started to ruin my life and really take its toll on me, I lost so much confidence and everything began to go downhill.

"I was constantly being asked 'what's happened to your skin?' or 'is it contagious?' and 'why are you covered in bites?'

"But the worse was when someone asked if I had been in a fire, I can't even describe how hurt I felt.

"Eventually I quit my job as an air hostess because my mental health began to decline, and I was severely self-conscious."

Georgia struggled with self-confidence after developing the condition (

"It even got to the point where I would have suicidal thoughts because I felt so low. I used to think people would judge me differently and I would never meet someone.

"I am lucky enough to have amazing friends and family who helped me embrace my body and I now refuse to let my skin hold me back."

But fast-forward to October 2018 and Georgia decided to stop eating red meat and dairy products and to her amazement, she soon found her skin was significantly clearing up.

Friends and family helped her come to terms with it, but now her skin is clearer thanks to her diet. (

She also found relief in Xpel body care olive oil cream, which she applies two-three times a day and costs £5 per tub. Although not perfect she finds it helps.

She said: "I strongly believe my skin has improved because of my diet and I'm much healthier now.

"It isn't easy, but it seems to be working for me!"

She now advocates body positivity on social media, hoping to help others, after suffering mental health struggles because of the knock on affects from the condition.

The condition seemed to develop out of the blue and saw Georgia so self-conscious she quite her job as an air hostess. (

Georgia has 11,000 followers on Instagram so she's doing her bit to raise awareness of psoriasis as she believes there's not enough.

She said: "I didn't know what it was either until I had it. I want people to hear my story and to be kinder to others.

"Psoriasis varies greatly from person to person; for some it's just a minor irritation, but for others it can majorly affect their quality of life."

She managed to feel confident enough to work in Ibiza earlier this year but she received a lot of nasty comments still. (

"I used to let it get me down and I never wanted to leave my bedroom but now I have embraced it and won't let it stop me from doing anything.

"I worked in Ibiza during the summer and was constantly in a bikini which came along with plenty of looks, stares and nasty comments unfortunately and it wasn't easy.

"I honestly think the less you worry about it [the better, but it's] easier said than done and the more you look after yourself it will go away!"

Turning a negative life knock into a positive, we applaud her.

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