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People Are Spreading E.Coli By Not Washing Their Hands After Going To The Loo

People Are Spreading E.Coli By Not Washing Their Hands After Going To The Loo

In case you needed reminding how important it is to wash your hands after going to the toilet...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Not washing your hands after going to the toilet is unhygienic, we all know that. But experts have now revealed that those who forgo the simple step could actually be spreading E.coli.

A new study found that failing to scrub posed a greater risk of getting E.coli than eating undercooked chicken, beef or pork.

Plus, more drug resistant strains of the bug were spread from human to human than through meat consumption.

So basically, you're most likely to catch E.coli from faecal particles entering your mouth. Gross.

Poor toilet hygiene can cause E.coli (

Study author Professor David Livermore, from the University of East Anglia, said: "The great majority of strains of ESBL-E.coli causing human infections aren't coming from eating chicken, or anything else in the food chain.

"Rather - and unpalatably - the likeliest route of transmission for ESBL-E.coli is directly from human to human, with faecal particles from one person reaching the mouth of another."

E.coli is a type of blood poisoning, that can be fatal in severe cases.

Livermore's study added that 10 per cent of the highly resistant strains produce an enzyme called Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (ESBL).

E.coli is being passed from human to human (

While most strains of this bacteria are found in healthy people and animals and aren't anything to worry about, others can cause UTIs, food poisoning and worst of all blood poisoning.

The study found that ESBL-E.coli strains taken from the human samples differed to the strains present in animals. This meant the ESBL-E.coli strain rarely crossed over from animals to humans.

This really shows the importance of keeping on top of your hygiene, when cooking and going to the loo.

Professor Livermore said: "Here - in the case of ESBL-E.coli - it's much more important to wash your hands after going to the toilet."

You heard him, people. Don't put everyone else at risk with your germs.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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