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 People Are Replacing Sex With Watching TV Following New Lockdown Restrictions

People Are Replacing Sex With Watching TV Following New Lockdown Restrictions

It’s all Netflix and no chill for stressed-out Brits.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Our sex lives are the latest casualty of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with many of us swapping getting busy in the bedroom with a box set binge.

New research has found a quarter of participants believe their sex life has been impacted by the pandemic - with 14 per confessing they've stopped having sex entirely since the pandemic began.

Instead, us Brits are turning to television to ease our anxiety during these troubling times, with 63 per cent of us watching TV or box sets to escape from the increasingly scary news cycle according to the study conducted by wellness company CBII.

People are turning to TV as a means of escape during the coronavirus pandemic (

Reading is another hobby replacing sex, with two-fifths of us seeking solace from a good book, while 26 per cent are plumping for music.

A quarter of those surveyed admitted they had been drinking more alcohol in lieu of lovin', and 24 per cent had turned to comfort food.

The news comes after people in relationships have been prohibited from having sex with their partners if they do not live in the same household and are currently placed under Tier 2 and Tier 3 restrictions.

Netflix is all the rage without the chill (

Over half of all Brits (62 per cent) admit to obsessively watching the news on their television or phone before bedtime, while a further 47 per cent are "doomscrollers" - those who compulsively continue to surf through bad news even if the news upsets or distresses them.

And unfortunately for the government, pictures of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chief Medical officer Chris Whitty have topped the stress polls, with 94 per cent of us saying seeing pictures of the pair causes a surge in anxiety.

It's not just looming leading figures which are making us anxious - the study also found that pictures of crowded Tube carriages were enough to make us sweat, with 74 per cent saying seeing packed trains increased anxiety levels while another 60 per cent found just looking at an image of basic PPE was enough to stress us out.

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