People Are Sharing Hayfever Hacks As Massive Pollen Bomb Heads To The UK


People Are Sharing Hayfever Hacks As Massive Pollen Bomb Heads To The UK

As the warm weather continues, the pollen count is only increasing.

In fact, Kleenex's Pollen Forecast recently uncovered that a pollen bomb is set to hit multiple cities this weekend, with 263 PPM (pollen grains per cubic metre) expected in London, 249 in Belfast and 284 in Bristol - despite the fact that 61 is a benchmark of high.

That means there is going to be a lot of itchy eyes incoming.

Which is why people on Reddit have been desperately sharing their weird and wonderful hacks to combat the influx.


And there's some pretty genius ones, out there!

The pollen bomb is coming  (Credit: Shutterstock)
The pollen bomb is coming (Credit: Shutterstock)

Taking to the Hayfever sub-Reddit to offer some advice to fellow sufferers, one person swore that probiotics had changed the game for them.

"Within two weeks of daily probiotics and no diet drinks I am for the first time 100% allergy free. It is life changing," they said.


"I am writing this now without any drugs and I am about to go running in the park. This was unthinkable last May!!!

"I don't even have itchy eyes or anything when running in the park which is 'snowing' down fluffy pollen balls."

There is some science behind this, too. According to Medical News Today, researchers from the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Florida discovered that a probiotic made of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria did significantly reduce hayfever symptoms during allergy season.

Probiotics are one cure being suggested on Reddit (Credit: Shutterstock)
Probiotics are one cure being suggested on Reddit (Credit: Shutterstock)

Another hack being raved about on Reddit was consuming cardamom.

"I have found a total cure and the past two summers I haven't suffered at all," one Reddit user gushed.

"The magic substance is Cardamom! I know it works because when I forget to take it the hayfever returns and I also asked a fellow sufferer to try this year and they too have no symptoms.

"A friend from Pakistan told me that they frequently use cardamom seeds in cups of tea, and I tried it and developed a taste for it and that is how I found out about its affects on my hayfever."


They added: "What I do is I empty three cardamom pods into my tea and then drink/chew the seeds. I have three cups of tea a day on average, but I am sure you would get away with a lower dosage.

I am passing this on just in case it helps anyone else."

Try cardamom tea, too (Credit: Shutterstock)
Try cardamom tea, too (Credit: Shutterstock)

While there is significantly less research around cardamom as a hayfever cure, it's certainly feasible it could be beneficial, seeing ancient medicine recognises it for its healing properties which can benefit a sore throat or a runny nose - both hayfever symptoms.


If you don't have any cardamom in the house, then fear not! There's another cure that we guarantee you've already got in the fridge.

One Reddit user wrote: "I have found that drinking a large glass of orange juice every morning significantly reduces my hay-fever symptoms. I still get the occasional sneeze but it does help a lot."

The simple answer to this is that oranges and other citrus fruits - such as lemons and grapefruits - can indeed reduce your histamine levels seeing as they contain vitamin C.

Orange juice could also be a solution (Credit: Shutterstock)
Orange juice could also be a solution (Credit: Shutterstock)

People also shared some medical tips on the Reddit thread, with one suggesting that a Kenalog Injection - which is prescribed and given by a healthcare professional.

"Have you tried the Kenalog injection? I've had it for the last two years and it changed my life!," the Redditor wrote.

The injection is only offered in cases of extreme hayfever, when all other medication has been trialled.

There are also prescription hayfever tablets you can take, which offer more protection than antihistamines.

Of course, the right hayfever 'cure' depends on the individual, their health and their surroundings.

You should always try antihistamines at first instance and contact a doctor if you're struggling.

Hold tight guys, we'll weather this pollen bomb together!

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