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Woman Claims Two Minute Massage Hack Cures Hangover

Woman Claims Two Minute Massage Hack Cures Hangover

TikTok user, Sakshi, offered up her tips for curing a hangover.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

We bet there are a lot of sore heads today, as a result of England's Euros semi-final win last night against Denmark...

But don't fear! We've just uncovered a hack on TikTok which one woman is swearing is the cure to all her hangovers - and it takes just two minutes.

Yep, really.

Posting on her profile, Wellness with Sakshi, the health and lifestyle coach said that she used an acupuncture tool to soothe her sore head.

However, apparently even the top of a bullet-point pen will do the trick.

In her video, Sakshi could be seen massaging different areas of her face with the tool - such as her nose, her cheekbones and her eyebrows.

She captioned her clip: "Next time you've had too much to drink and wake up feeling that hangover.

"Try massaging each of these reflex points for one to two minutes."

The tip has since gone viral on TikTok (
TikTok/ @wellnesswithsakshi)

Mapping out her face as she demonstrated the massage, she told followers: "I added these two points on the right side of my face for liver and gallbladder.

"This will help ease the hangover by suppressing the effects of alcohol."

Unsurprisingly, Sakshi goes on to caveat that the best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink alcohol.

But, erm, hey, we're perfectly happy to try plan B...

The tips are easy and take just two minutes (
TikTok/ @wellnesswithsakshi)

After posting the video, it was viewed over 400,000 times, with many thanking Sakshi for her tip.

While another joked: "I don't think this is gonna erase the damage of 12 tequila Red Bulls".

There is some method to Sakshi's tips, seeing as she is pointing to acupressure points - commonly used in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture is a form of medicine which largely stems from historical practice and ancient Asian medicine. The evidence around it is contested by some, but many people - including medical experts - still swear by it as a cure for headaches alongside many other ailments today.

Brb, we're off to grab a pen and massage our faces immediately.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ Wellness with Sakshi

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