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There's A Totally Legit Reason Why You're Losing More Hair Than Usual

There's A Totally Legit Reason Why You're Losing More Hair Than Usual

Ever brushed your hair and noticed half your mane sitting on your lap?!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Ever brushed your hair and noticed (what looks like) half your mane sitting on your lap?! Yep, us too, and it's something we've become increasingly aware of over the last few months. But why now?

First off, shedding hair is completely normal. In fact, we can lose up to 100 hairs a day (which I've come to realise can feel like a lot more if you've not brushed your hair all week...)

But it's also something that causes a great deal of anxiety. And the more you think about it, the more it can become a bit of an obsession.

And there's nothing like sitting around all day doing nothing during lockdown to feed anxiety...

There could be a reason why you're losing more hair than normal (

But, hair loss can be caused by a number of different factors, and a massive chunk of them go hand in hand with lockdown and the stresses that come along with it. So it makes sense if you've started picking up on subtle changes recently.

To understand exactly what's going on, we chatted to Eva Proudman - Leading Independent Trichologist and Hair Expert at Absolute Collagen.

She gave us the DL on why we might be experiencing hair loss, what we can do to boost our locks and when it might be time to consult with a professional.

We can lose up to 100 hairs a day (

Eva tells us there are heaps of factors that can affect our hair, explaining that our locks are sensitive to both environmental and emotional change (something that we've experienced a lot of in recent months).

"Hair loss can be caused by many underlying factors including stress, diet, illness and if the body is lacking vitamins, minerals or amino acids," says Eva.

"However, hair is sensitive to both emotional and environmental changes so it's no surprise that we're seeing more people experiencing hair loss during lockdown.

"Many are suffering with sleep problems, financial worry, and other mental health issues due to the pandemic and this type of stress directly correlates with hair loss and hair shedding.

Avoiding heat styling tools is key (

"The lack of routine when working from home or spending more time indoors, change in eating habits and absence of hair care are also major factors.

"The hair is a fast diving hungry cell that craves nutrition and when we aren't feeding our bodies and minds the nutrients it needs, it can affect the hair growth cycle."

Eva explains that although experiencing hair loss can be stressful in itself (leading to a vicious stress cycle) it's important to remember that there are things you can do to keep your hair happy and healthy.

"Eating a balanced diet, reducing sugar intake and partaking in regular exercise can make a world of difference and avoiding heat styling tools and chemical based products where you can is key," she says.

Of course, it's important to emphasise that if you have sudden hair loss, develop bald patches, lose hair in clumps, experience itching and burning or if you're really worried, do contact your GP.

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