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People Are Losing It Over How Joe Wicks Boils Broccoli

People Are Losing It Over How Joe Wicks Boils Broccoli


Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Is there anything Joe Wicks can't do?

After becoming the nation's PE teacher during lockdown, the 34-year-old national treasure is also showing us how to keep healthy by showing off some of his delicious recipes on Instagram.

And the Body Coach's new dish, a broccoli carbonara, has really set tongues wagging.

Watch Joe make the dish below.

Many people flocked to the comments to express their shock at how Joe chose to boil the broccoli for the meal - and deemed the idea 'a total game-changer'.

Instead of cutting up the broccoli into florets first, Joe stuck the whole lot into a boiling pan and cut after boiling - with many vowing to try this mess-free method next time they cook the vegetable.

"Why have we never thought to boil a broccoli like this?" one person wrote in the comments. "So much less mess!"

Joe Wicks stunned with his fuss-free broccoli boiling (

"I've never seen anyone cook a broccoli like that," a second viewer added, with a 'mindblown' emoji. "Feel like I've been doing it wrong my whole life."

"Oh my God, I will never boil broccoli the same way again," said a third, while a fourth wrote: "Why have I never boiled a broccoli like this before? Game changer."

The recipe (which we will definitely be trying for dinner tonight) comes from Joe's latest cookbook, Joe's Family Food.

Others are now going to use the technique (

And the Body Coach has managed to put a healthier spin on some of our favourite sweet treats, meaning we can have more guilt-free snacks.

His homemade peanut butter, banana and almond oaty muffins had us drooling, while his fruit and nut frozen yogurt bark looks so simple to do - and perfect for summer.

In other food news, people have been learning how to fill ice cube trays without getting themselves soaking wet in the process, thanks to a new TikTok video.

You can read more about that here.

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