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Pregnant Woman Shares Shocking Video Of Baby Kicking

Pregnant Woman Shares Shocking Video Of Baby Kicking

This is wild!

One expecting mother has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a shocking video of her baby kicking in her belly, and it looks like her baby to be is busting some serious moves in there.

Turning her phone camera down to her stomach, TikToker Jordan Weaver (@mamaweavs) captured her baby's wriggles and kicks, joking that her child was "clawing her way out."

Accompanying the video, Jordan wrote: "When your husband asks why you didn't sleep good. Is she having a kick boxing party in there? Someone get this baby OUTTA ME!!!!"

Watch the video here:

Viewers had mixed reactions to Jordan's video. While some were obsessed with the magic and miracle of it all, others were terrified.

"I thought I wanted another, thank you for reminding me. I'll be holding off," wrote one TikTok user.

"Omg I am having memory pains just watching this," commented another.

A third mother added: "Oh helllllllllll nah I forgot about this and didn't need to be reminded. That feeling is something else."

Reassuring some nervous mums-to-be who were in the early stages of pregnancy, other users insisted that the kicking felt totally fine.

TikTok users were shook over this baby's kicking. (

"I miss this feeling! Doesn't hurt a bit, just feels like you'e going over a hill in a car," wrote one parent.

"I had big babies who were very active and it never bothered me. I slept through it. Pregnancy isn't always scary, don't be afraid," commented another.

After her video took off online, Jordan was inundated with comments and questions about the kicking.

In a follow-up video, she reassured her viewers that the pain isn't too bad at all and generally, the feeling was "amazing".


She said: "Does it hurt? Sometimes. It's more uncomfortable. But it doesn't last forever. But the main thing is It feels amazing at the same time because you're feeling your baby move!

"It's the most incredible thing you'll ever feel and it's only you who can feel it. And it'll be the number one thing, I guarantee, you'll miss about pregnancy. So it's worth it!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mamaweavs

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