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Woman Reveals Genius Way She Remembers To Take Her Pill Everyday

Woman Reveals Genius Way She Remembers To Take Her Pill Everyday

Stealing this trick immediately.

A woman has shared the hilarious way she remembers to take her contraceptive pill - and it's quite frankly genius.

In a post on Twitter, the woman - named Emily - explained that she and her friends had worked out a trick to ensure they always reminded each other to take their pill, without having to set an alarm.

"Me and the girls named our group chat ‘take your pill’ so every time someone texts in it every day it remind us hahahaha," she wrote.



Because the girls talk all the time, Emily never had to worry about being reminded to take her pill, the warning was there whenever a text popped up.

After she shared the tip, it soon picked up 18,900 'likes' and 395 retweets.

And many women took to the comments to note how smart the tip was.

"Can I join. Cause I’m so bad for remembering," someone wrote in the comments.

As another penned: "Wait that’s so clever".

"Probably should have done this, one of us in pregnant now," wrote someone else.

Don't lose track of what pill you've taken (

Meanwhile, others still didn't trust the hack to do the trick.

"Smartest thing i’ve ever seen but we could talk in it all day i’d probs still forget," one wrote.

As another concurred: "I genuinely still think I’d forget to take it".

If you're looking for an alternative method to take your pill, there are all the standard ones like putting it by your toothbrush and toothpaste or your bedside table, and making it part of your morning routine.

What better reminder than a text from a mate? (

You can also download an app to send you a notification, if you wish (though, we still think a text from your bestie is a bit more fun).

One example you could try is the Medisafe Pill Reminder App, which tracks what drugs you've taken and what you still need to take daily, so you never overdose or miss anything.

You can download that here.

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