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People Can't Decide If Brushing Your Teeth In The Shower Is 'Normal' Or Not

People Can't Decide If Brushing Your Teeth In The Shower Is 'Normal' Or Not

Would you do it?

People can't decide whether it's "normal" to brush your teeth while you're in the shower and now we don't know if we should change up our morning routines or leave them as is.

While some are calling it wasteful, others seem to swear by it, claiming that the move from the bathroom sink to the shower saves time.

The debate started when one skeptical poster asked Reddit users what they thought of his routine after his girlfriend said that it was "not normal."

Would you brush your teeth in the shower? (

They wrote: "So my girlfriend recently discovered I clean my teeth when I'm in the shower in the morning. It's convenient and saves time, and honestly it had never occurred to me that it might be strange.

"Anyway, she thinks it's weird and is convinced it's not normal. What's the verdict from Reddit, any of you partake?"

Some users immediately reassured him, commenting that they, too, bring their toothbrushes into the shower for an efficient wash.

One person wrote: "I do it after putting conditioner on so it has a few minutes to absorb before washing it out."

Another added: "I do it every day. Don't have to worry about dribble and I'm using the water anyway."

A third commented: "I’m a dentist and I brush my teeth in the shower too. Floss outside pre-shower, though."

Some people regularly brush their teeth in the shower to save time. (

However, others weren't so sure, questioning whether it would really save time or water at all.

One skeptic wrote: "Does it actually save water though? I use an electric toothbrush which is timed for 2 minutes. I get so impatient brushing them at the sink as I can’t do anything else."

Another wrote that they had tried brushing their teeth in the shower "for a bit" but stopped when they found "it doesn’t really save time, you’re just in the shower for a bit longer."

A third asked: "What time does it save exactly? You stand in the shower instead of next to the sink. It takes the same amount of time".

Some were convinced that brushing your teeth in the shower would actually waste time and water. (

Judging by the debate online, there seems to be no middle ground on this one, with people leaning very strongly on either end of the argument.

Maybe there is no right answer on this one, but it's best to know where you stand on the topic - you never know where it could get you!

For example, one Redditor wrote: "I swiped right on tinder once just because the guy had ‘brush my teeth in the shower’ in the bio — it was five years ago and we’ve been together ever since."

How romantic!

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