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Woman Shares Easy Way To Take A Shot - And All You Need Is Perfume

Woman Shares Easy Way To Take A Shot - And All You Need Is Perfume

Can't believe this actually works.

It can be fun on a girls’ night out when someone announces, “round of shots!”. But that moment of having to do the shot when your face scrunches up and your shoulders reach your ears? Less fun.

Which is why people are loving this easy way to take a shot where all you need is perfume.

You can watch the video below to see the hack working its magic:

Anyone else mind blown?

The two women take a shot following the advice in the video’s text: “so apparently if you spray perfume on your wrist and sniff it before taking a shot it blocks it out!!!”.

They then share a look of amazement, much more preferable to the locked jaw a shot usually leads to.

The video’s creator added the caption: “No... Yall need to try this if not already😂we was sooooooooo confused we thought it wasnt gonna work peep us 😭😂 #shotoclock #shot #shothack #fyp”.

She also added a clarifying comment on how to accurately execute the trick for the best results: “Guys lol..... pour your shot first, spray it 2x, INHALE and take the shot IMMEDIATELY after. It worked for US lol”.

The women in the video were shocked themselves that the trick worked (

So far, the video has reached over 1.5 million likes and 15.1k comments on TikTok with plenty of people wanting to try out the hack for themselves.

One TikTok user commented: “lol why am I gonna try this when I get home from work tonight?”

“Bring your perfume girls!”, declared another viewer.

Some people weren’t sold though, preferring the original shot-taking experience.

One person admitted: “low key wanna try but I also love the taste of tequila and regret”.

Someone else questioned: “why would yall wanna block it outttttt”.

“But pulling your face and getting the shoulder shudders is all part of the fun!”, said another commenter.

The only thing you need is perfume to help you through it (

People in the comments tried to explain why the hack seemingly worked, citing the link between taste and smell.

One commenter explained: “You also taste with smell, the perfume smell overrides the alcohol smell so you still get drunk, you just won't taste it”.

So if you’re going to be getting a round of shots in, maybe make sure to pack a small bottle of perfume in your bag to take that edge off.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/anyiaflecha8

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