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People Are Loving This Easy Hack For Reheating Pizza Perfectly

People Are Loving This Easy Hack For Reheating Pizza Perfectly

Game. Changer.

We'll never be able to resist the temptation to eat the rest of our pizza the next day - it's an integral part of getting takeaway right?!

But what if we told you that there was a way to reheat your pizza to avoid it getting soggy in the microwave?

Yep, a TikTok user has revealed how she returns her pizza to perfect condition.

And all you need is a frying pan...

New Jersey-based TikTok star Tara Ippolito recently uploaded a video with the ultimate tip to share with her 1.2 million followers and said not to “knock it til you try it”.

Ditching the microwave, in the clip Tara places a pizza slice in a hot frying pan, adds a splash of water around it and covers it with a lid.

After a few minutes, she lifts the lid to reveal a steaming hot slice, complete with a crunchy base and a cheesy top.

“A friend of a friend mentioned the hack to me around 10 years ago and I was immediately intrigued,” Tara said of the hack.

“I had to try it for myself and never use any other method now."

The clip has racked up over 2.7 million views and 156,000 likes so far with TikTok users stunned by the simple method.

And one person was so blown away they said they never wanted to eat fresh pizza again, commenting: "Confession: I would rather eat it this way than fresh".

Put you pizza in a pan with the lid on (
Jam Press)

“I’m constantly amazed by how many things TikTok has taught me I’ve been doing wrong my whole life," another person wrote.

"Best way to reheat pizza," a third agreed.

"This is actually the correct way to heat up pizza!!!," commented another user.

Someone else asked: “Does it not get soggy?”, to which Tara replied with a “nope.”


Add water to the pan (
Jam Press)

Another helpful user suggested: “Air fryer works wonders also!”, receiving an enthusiastic “Absolutely!!” from the cook.

"Omg this is what I do but once the water evaporates I add in a bit of olive oil to crisp the bottom," wrote someone else.

Who needs culinary school, eh?

The pizza after being reheated (
Jam Press)

Tara added: “Every time I post this hack it goes viral. People just can’t believe it really works so well."

Day old takeout will never be the same again...

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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