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People Are Now Using Sugar-Free Lemonade To Make The Perfect Sponge Cake

People Are Now Using Sugar-Free Lemonade To Make The Perfect Sponge Cake

We can barely believe it, either.

With the weather outside turning glacial, all we want to do is spend our weekends indoors, doing something wholesome and warming.

Naturally, baking is always a favourite pastime, with the fruits of our labour rewarded with a fresh batch of cakes to tuck into, or, if we’re feeling generous, to share with our loved ones.

And we have the easiest recipe for you to try.

Watch the video below.

There’s nothing more irritating when it comes to whipping up some cupcakes just to find we’re fresh out of butter or eggs – and you really can’t be bothered to nip to the shops to get supplies.

Well, fear not – there’s an incredible hack going around TikTok in which you can whip up some amazing, soft, delicious cakes using just two ingredients.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Stefanie only adds lemonade to her cakes (
TikTok - naturallystefanie)

On TIkTok, health and fitness blogger Stefanie (@naturallystephanie) showed how to make cakes using just cake mix and sugar-free lemonade.

Yep, no eggs, no butter, nothing else – just these two ingredients.

“All you need is just one cake mix from Betty Crocker,” she explains.

“You just take the cake mix as it is and add 330 mls of sugar-free lemonade.”

After whisking, Stefanie advises that you bake for thirty minutes just as you would with a normal cake.

And as Stefanie pulls the sponge cake out the oven, we have to say we are hugely impressed by how soft and fluffy it looks.

The resulting sponge is springy and soft (
TikTok - naturallystefanie)

We’re definitely trying this one at home.

Stefanie decides to use her cake to make cake pops, but the recipe can be used to make brownies, cupcakes or even just your standard sponge.

Here’s some other people who tried the hack on TikTok…

And the best news is, because there's no butter or eggs in these cakes, they're also completely vegan! Perfect for impressing vegan pals, or just worth trying ahead of Veganuary.

In other baking news, people are making banana Biscoff bars, and we are obsessed with just how tasty these are.

You can read the instructions on how to make them here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - naturallystefanie

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