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People Left 'Shook' By McDonald's Drink Hack On TikTok

Kimberley Bond

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People Left 'Shook' By McDonald's Drink Hack On TikTok

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

Nothing beats a cheeky McDonald’s takeaway – sometimes, all you want to do is grab your burger and fries, your drinks and slink off to eat in the comfort of your own bed.

But what makes things tricky is carrying more than one drink at a time when you’re trying to sort out a big order – it’s pretty difficult to carry two or more drinks plus your delicious bag of takeaway all at once, with the latter unfortunately ending up tucked up under your armpit, or worse, on the floor.

So imagine our excitement when one savvy-minded TikToker revealed there’s a far simpler way to carry your beverages when you’re heading out from Maccy D’s.

Watch the video below:


TikToker @antmista_69 revealed that you can securely place on McDonald’s takeout cup on top of the other, by twisting the bottom of one cup on the top of the other.

The TikToker captioned the snap: “I was 27 when I found out lmao.”

And it seems others were left similarly stunned by the hack, which has since racked up 37,000 likes on the video-sharing platform.

Need to carry two cups? (Credit: TikTok - antmista_69)
Need to carry two cups? (Credit: TikTok - antmista_69)

“No way!” wrote one dumbfounded viewer.

“I was today years old when I found this out,” a second joked.

“I’m shook!” said a third, while a fourth said: “Wow, I’m 35 and I just found this out.”

Ah, where would we be without TikTok in our lives? We would NOT recommend trying this with hot drinks though, as they come in different shaped cups that do not stack.

The cups stack (Credit: TikTok - antmista_69)
The cups stack (Credit: TikTok - antmista_69)

In other TikTok news, one woman has divided the internet by sharing her pasta grazing table – and we don’t know what we think.

After using kitchen foil to cover her entire table, Karima scooped a huge portion of pasta across the flat surface.

She then loaded the pasta with three different sauce toppings on top, including what appears to be a crazy mushroom sauce, a tomato sauce with slices of chicken and finally a bolognese sauce.

Because the TikToker decided to avoid using containers, all the sources eventually start mingling with each other leaving a very creamy, tomato-y jumble.

Hmmm…this is on TikTok hack we probably won’t be trying…

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Kimberley Bond
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