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Mrs Hinch's Calls £8 Amazon Purchase A 'Game Changer' For Making Tea

Mrs Hinch's Calls £8 Amazon Purchase A 'Game Changer' For Making Tea

We're adding this to our shopping cart ASAP.

We've all seen debates on how to make the best cup of tea and even which teabag brand is superior. Now, social media tea talk has taken a different turn thanks to home and cleaning guru Mrs Hinch.

Sophie Hinchcliffe - who goes by Mrs Hinch - took to social media on Thursday to share a mindblowing hack for making tea - and all you need is an £8 gadget from Amazon.

Watch the video below:

In the video, Mrs Hinch unveils a portable magic tap she purchased from Amazon. The taps can be used as dispensers that are inserted into the top of a bottle so you don't have to lift and pour.

“Jamie thinks I’ve lost it,” she joked, mentioning her husband. “Trace sent me a video of these and I’ve been obsessed ever since so I found them on Amazon.”

Mrs Hinch's newest home gadget is a magic tap dispenser from Amazon (

The taps can be used in a variety of drinks, including milk like Mrs Hinch demonstrates in her video. After putting batteries into the top compartment, she then inserts the long part of the tap into a 2L bottle of milk.

“You pop 2 batteries in the top compartment and then put it into the milk! Or any sort of drink I guess,” she said. “Actually I need to buy more!!”

The next step is to return the bottle of milk to the fridge door shelf for easy access.

The taps are very easy to use (

Now with a mug filled with tea, she gently presses the mug against the tap like you would if you were refilling a reusable cup with a fizzy drink. The milk is smoothly dispensed into the mug and voilà – a perfect cuppa.

We found lots of different magic types on Amazon, with best value option being an £8 home kitchen electric magic tap beverage dispenser. It runs on two AAA batteries which are not included.

It is not recommended for use in carbonated drinks, root beer, drinks with 40 per cent or more alcohol or drinks with pulp.

However It should fit most bottles and jugs and has an easy touch trigger to dispense beverages without much effort or mess.

Who wants to put the kettle on?

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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